Vitamin Booster beauty treatments for fitness clients

5 Beauty Essentials Every Gym Girl Needs (and none of them are make-up!)

5 Beauty Essentials Every Gym Girl Needs (and none of them are make-up!)

Beauty essentials for every gym goer by bikini girls diary

Being healthy and working out in the gym doesn’t mean that you need to let your beauty routine slide. It might be harder to keep up a perfect manicure – and a bouncy blowout isn’t the ideal hairstyle for a workout. But, nevertheless, there is a way for a gym girl to maintain a beauty routine which doesn’t result in frizzy hair and broken nails thanks to these super quick, easy and effective products.

For Nails...

SOIGNE – Vitamin Boost Varnish & Miracle Oil

miracle oil beauty treatments for fitness clients

Sick and tired of having broken, weak nails? You’re not alone. Most women find up-keeping their nails one of the hardest parts of training. The varnish seems to chip when you so much as look at a weight let alone go to pick one up. So, what’s the way around this and how can we achieve strong, healthy and attractive looking nails even whilst training?

WellVitamin Booster beauty treatments for fitness clients, SOIGNE has the answer with their brand new Miracle Oil (£15.00) to keep your nails soft, cuticles looked after and conditioned – meaning no more cracking and peeling even with the harsh gym air-con blowing.
For the nails themselves SOIGNE has bought out a brand new vitamin boost coat (15.00) created with plant-sourced ingredients that helps promote anti-ageing and strong healthy nail growth – ending the heartbreak when you snap or break a nail when racking up that squat bar. The nail base contains Vitamin A, E, B5, vitamin C and Argan oil offering your nails prime nutrition whilst also leaving them shining and glowing without any polish needed.

Available here.





For skin...

Dr. Levy

Dr levy face wash beauty products gym routine by bikini girls diary
Now, if you suffer with acne breakouts from sweating at the gym, dry skin from the air-con or a mix of both from the combination then Dr. LEVY Switzerland’s Deep Cell Renewal Micro-Resurfacing Cleanser is a total life saviour. It provides gentle cleansing whilst also offering micro-resurfacing to remove dead skin and dirt causing blocked pores.
This product can double up as a skin-renewing ‘Fast-Mask’ or face mask to most of us, which totally offers a deep intensive cleanse to bring back a glowing complexion. With glycolic and lactic acid as the prime ingredients it will help remove grime, pollutants and bacteria from the skin’s surface with added ingredients including sodium PCA to help promote plumpness and enhance moisture levels for anyone suffering with dry skin. I use it as a gentle face wash daily and use the mask when my skin looks really tired from too many early mornings.

Available here.

For hair...

Charles Worthington

Diamond Shine All Over Gloss Spray charles worthington beauty must hves for gym goers by bikini girls diary


Hair is another worry very similar to that of nails and skin. It either seems to revolve around one of two issues swapping constantly. 1. SWEATY and greasy hair and 2. brittle, dry and damaged hair that keeps snapping. Well, Charles Worthington’s diamond shine range may be the answer.


The diamond shine shampoo and conditioner (£5.99)  boosts dull, brittle hair and replaces it with a shine that lasts for 48 hours. Say goodbye to sweaty hair sticking to your neck as well – the range leaves your hair with a weightless mirror shine that keeps it looking bouncy and healthy the whole way through your workout. Plus our absolute favourite part is the scent that means no longer do we have to wash our hair after every workout as the delicous fragrance will keep your hair smelling fresh even post-workout – yay!

The collection is available here.



invisibobble beauty must haves for all gym girls
Okay, HOW many times have we snapped those bloody hair bands? Don’t get me started… I must have done it about 50 times alone and the worst thing is that you not only have to get extra hot and sweaty whilst working out with your hair down but then you get people staring at you wondering WHY you have your hair down. It’s just a lose-lose situation.
Luckily for us Invisibobble (£3.95) have the answer. Invisibobble will keep your hair securely tied up in your pony tail whilst preventing those awful kinks coming after the workout – PLUS they don’t snap anywhere near as easily as a traditional hairband.

Invisibobble are launching their new circus range in April available from boots.


Sienna X

beauty essentials every gym girl needs body polish

Okay, so tan is a total bikini girl must have. We try to avoid wearing make-up in the gym as much as possible to avoid too many blocked pores and break outs. But, no wants to feel completely naked (by naked I mean make-up naked) especially when you are in the gym as much as we are. So, our absolute must have and beauty secret comes in the form of a good tan.

Sienna X 1 hour Self Tan Tinted Lotion - beauty must haves for gym girls by bikini girls diary
We LOVE Sienna X: Starting with the Polishing Body Scrub (£11.95) to remove the older layer of tan or any previous streaks or dead skin cells then once we’ve finished rinsing it off we apply Sienna X 1 hour Self Tan Tinted Lotion (£24.95) to give you the golden glow we all desire. Lotions are our preferred method of tanning as they lock in moisture in the skin and seem to help the tan last longer without needing to be topped up.

Available here.
So, there you have it – our biggest beauty secrets we swear by in and out of the gym.


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