5 Multitasking Headbands

Another day in lockdown strikes again and with it the inevitable deluge of Zoom meetings with your work team. If you’re anything like us, you’re at the point where a trip to the hairdresser is long overdue (that is, if you haven’t taken matters into your own hands with a pair of scissors), and you’re past the point of even bothering to wash your hair every two days.

We think this is the perfect time for a headband come-back to add a little bit of effort to your hairstyle (and hide any greasy locks) without actually doing anything at all. Read on for 5 top picks on the best headbands to add to your wardrobe in time for Monday’s Zoom meeting.

Ooze Spring vibes with something floral

There’s the smell of change in the air lately and the promise of warmer weather. So of course, our first choice is to match with the seasons and embrace all the rebirth happening right now with a floral headband. They’ll work for any season really and look just as cute on zoom as they’ll do with your race day outfit one day. Our current crush is this beauty from Olga Berg. She totally oozes spring vibes complete with a gorgeous pinky peach satin headband covered in clusters of enamel flowers each with a subtle crystal center. She’s so glam she’ll easily detract any attention from hair in need of a little TLC. Easy to wear, she’ll also be there to take you to the races or a cocktail party in the future.

The works with anything monochrome headband

When it comes to wearing a headpiece, sometimes you want something that is just easy to wear with absolutely everything in your wardrobe (no questions asked!) If this sounds like you, then a monochrome headband is your best option. We love the Be Leaf headband from Olga Berg. Okay, so she’s a little OTT for a work call perhaps but we think everyone needs a little excitement in their days right now and this is a safe way to get it.

Work your inner angel vibes with a halo

For when you’re looking for a little bit of extra attention or a compliment or two, try out a halo headband. They’re the latest trending hairpiece that look particularly cute during racing season, but we’ll settle for wearing them to the park for now. We’re all about rocking angel vibes right now, so our pick is the Delaney Headband. With translucent pink flowers she ticks the spring fling box too.

Channel your inner princess (or bride) with pearls

Any lovers of old world glamour out there? This is for you! Channel your princess vibes with a pearl headband. Utterly elegant, this is the easiest way to ooze sophistication even if you’re not feeling it. Try the Adrina headband which is quite literally dripping in pearls if you need a pick-me-up. She’ll be there for you when it’s time to go to a wedding or a fun cocktail party again too.

The MVP of multitasking headbands

She’ll work with your racing outfit, see you off to a wedding in style, and elevate your lockdown jumper and tracksuit in no time. A white headband should be your absolute go-to, fail-safe, if you’re looking for something that you can wear virtually anywhere (be it formal or informal events). Our current crush is the Irena headpiece which we can totally visualise hiding our grown-out fringes just as much as we can see her taking us to weddings again in the hopefully near future.

Deni Kirkova
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