About Deni Kirkova

Deni works a journalist and blogger in Melbourne, specialising in beauty, fashion, health & fitness, travel and plant-based living.

She is also a digital marketing copywriter, qualified PT and model.

★ Miss Galaxy Universe 2016 winner ★

Hi there! I’m Deni, and I’ve been writing about beauty, fashion, fitness and travel for years while working as a blogger and journalist. They’re some of my keenest interests, but I value compassion, wellness and living your best life the most. In fact, I’ve been living a vegan lifestyle since 2015. Have you seen The Game Changers?

My love of travel and adventure probably comes from moving around at an early age. I was born in Bulgaria and moved to the UK when I was 7. Fast-forward to living in London, I spent 8 years working at national newspapers, predominantly Femail at the Daily Mail. In 2017 I moved to Australia where I continue to work as a beauty, fashion, fitness and travel writer in Melbourne.

You’ll find a snapshot of my life, work, and passions on this website, as well as on my Instagram and Twitter. The blog content on this site includes review features, travel guides and real talk about being a woman in 2020.

Glowing Up, Deni Kirkova blogger in Melbourne

Deni with her partner in Bali

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Glowing Up by Deni Kirkova, blogger in Melbourne

Vicky Hadley and Deni in Thailand

This blog was previously Bikini Girls Diary, formed jointly with blogger and PT Vicky Hadley. We started the site in 2016 from our joint passion for competing in fitness shows, and even gave our subscribers a free workout guide. Vicky is now working full-time at a superstar PT in London helping women get into the best possible shape through sustainable methods. 

Meanwhile, my new vision for Glowing Up is more grown-up and holistic, promoting self-love, solutions and sustainability for the modern woman. An all-round hub for conscious females.

Hope you enjoy the site, check out my portfolio, and please get in touch with any queries.

Love, Deni

Deni Kirkova Glowing Up blogger Melbourne