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[title maintitle="The Localist: London's new, up and coming restaurant deemed the answer to date night" subtitle=""] No, we aren't talking about a few pints down the pub... Farringdon based restaurant 'The Localist' is BGD's Vicky's answer to date night...   [caption id="attachment_2384" align="alignnone" width="1000"]The Localist: London's new up and coming restaurant serving purely local dishes House wine: Vicky and Josh starting their evening with a glass of red[/caption]
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[title maintitle="Week 1 - Journey to the stage: Facing up to insecurities fuelled from social media " subtitle=""] These days we see so many flawless fitness enthusiasts on social media with already finished results and it can leave you feeling insecure about your own body, I want to show my journey from start to end, insecurities and all...