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[title maintitle="London's Hidden Spa Gem: Banya - (That WHACKS the energy into you with leaves!)" subtitle=""] This authentic Russian spa, Banya, is unlike any I've ever been to before. Hidden in Old Street, London it will completely detox, cleanse and stimulate your mind and body in just three hours. "Is it going to hurt?" - I hear myself say whilst lying in my bathing suit in a hot sauna, with birch tree leaves covering my face waiting to be given my first ever Parenie massage...

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[title maintitle="New season hair trends: Caterina Di Biase reveals the colour you need NOW" subtitle=""] World-famour hairdresser Caterina Di Biase, who recently flew to Bali to style the girls for Miss Universe Australia, spoke all things hair colour exclusively to the Bikini Girls. Australian Hairdresser of the Year four times throughout her career and Schwarzkopf Professional's newest International Creative Ambassador, she's currently creative director at Heading Out Hair and Beauty in Melbourne - where she creates fabulous hair for clients. [caption id="attachment_3516" align="alignnone" width="658"]Caterina knows good hair - BIKINI GIRLS DIARY Caterina knows good hair - BIKINI GIRLS DIARY[/caption] Now Caterina has taken some time out to spill all you need to know about the hottest shades this season - and how to achieve them.