Aesthetic beauty can help with facial volume – Here’s how!

Aesthetic beauty can help with facial volume - Here's how!

It’s not just ageing that can cause a loss of volume in the face – but a highly active lifestyle can speed up the affects of ageing and we’re not just talking about wrinkles. Here’s how aesthetic beauty can prevent the loss of volume in the face…

aesthetic beauty can help volume

Although we are advocates of a healthy lifestyle and believe that looking after our body is essential to achieve optimal health and beauty. Eating well, following a good beauty regime and working out may not be enough… In fact hardcore gym workouts can actually be the cause of collagen in the skin breaking down quicker! This means that our faces can lose volume twice as fast. Don’t panic though, this won’t happen after just one training session it will be the result of a serious weight loss programme. However, if like me, you’re on a mission to lose weight and cut down body fat it might not be just the boobs and bum that you’re sad to see go…

After the hard work and exercising we’ve put in to achieving our bodies, the last thing we want to do is pile the weight back on via food, so what other options do we have?

Creating the volume with fillers

This is when I was introduced to Mary Cleary of Soigne Aesthetics based in KnightsbridgeShe explained to me that aesthetic beauty could help by using fillers in the cheeks to create definition to the cheek bone or to replace lost volume caused by ageing or weight-loss. The fillers need to be applied directly to the cheek bone and will create a higher, fuller and more rounded cheek bone. The filler is injected into the deep layers of the skin to give a natural, long-lasting enhancement, they can last all the way up to 18 months.

Mary Cleary injected me three times in either sides of my cheeks; the top of the cheek bone, the middle and the apple area of the cheeks. The pain was very mild and the amount used was small due to the fact that I am still young and not much product was needed to give good results. After the injection Mary massaged my cheeks thoroughly in order to be sure that all the product had set properly. My face instantly looked fuller and my cheek bones higher although the difference was small it made me look more awake and fresh. With next to no pain the procedure was over within ten minutes.

Mary Cleary is a specialist in treatments for the lips, cheeks, botox and smile lines.

You can book with her here.

If you are considering having treatment first ensure you know the below:

 The product

– You should check what you are having injected, the date the product was made and the expiry date, and that it is sealed and sterile.

– Immediately after having fillers you should avoid working out or getting too hot as this can encourage swelling and bruising as well as preventing the filler hardening.
– Swelling can be slightly uneven and you may experience some light bruising

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