Autumn beauty reboot: Head to toe tips for a fresh back-to-school look

Autumn beauty reboot: Head to toe tips for a fresh back-to-school look

Summer has been so much fun, full of careless abandon, festivals and holidays… which can mess up your look.

Sun may give us a gorgeous tan but it bleaches and damages hair and speckles your skin with sun damage too.

Feeling ultra-fresh thanks to an autumn beauty reboot (and my new Votch vegan watch!)

Feeling ultra-fresh thanks to an autumn beauty reboot (and my new Votch vegan watch from Watch Shop!)

Hair brand Wella conducted a study called the Colour Report and found 40% of women notice someone’s hair first – so a scraggly unkempt ‘do won’t cut it for back-to-school business meetings.

Now’s the time to put the denim cut offs back in the drawer and smarten up and revive your beauty routine. Read on for how I’ve refreshed my look for autumn.


Endless iced coffees can stain teeth and play havoc on a bright white smile, so I’ve been using a Sonicare DiamondClean pink edition toothbrush from Philips. I can charge it on the go via USB port, which is so handy. And it comes in a travel case so I can take it safely anywhere.

My teeth have seriously never felt so clean, from all angles (sometimes I struggle to get them squeaky clean underneath: Not an issue at all with the DiamondClean).

I’ve been using Dr Richard Marques‘ super strong whitening toothpaste to help teeth really shine. I’m loving the difference and my partner’s noticed too.

Make-up wise, I loved coral-toned rosy lip glosses over summer. But now it’s autumn I’m into cooling things down with colour and going for a more matte finish. My favourite berry-toned autumnal lipstick, which stay put, is Kat Von D’s Bachelorette (which I’m wearing in the photos!). I love Kat’s range as it’s incredible quality and 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Cool-toned lip colour also makes your teeth look whiter! Have you noticed an orange lippy makes your teeth look yellow? Well, cool pinks, berry shades and blue-reds have the opposite effect and make teeth look ultra-white.


While I am a blonde for life, there is a difference in how I like it to look depending on the season. For autumn, I toned things down and refreshed my hair thanks to the star team at HOB Camden: Wella colour by David, cut by Amelia.

David blended my colour better from root to tip using amazing, professional Wella products. He added a few highlights near the root while taking a few lowlight strands through the end and finishing with an ashy toner. He used WellaPlex too, a brand new innovation which helps to reconstruct inner hair bonds for stronger hair.

Meanwhile Amelia restored my condition by snipping off dry ends and creating a beautiful haircut.


SPF doesn’t stop when the clouds come over – SPF 30-50 with both UVA and UVB protection is really important all year round to protect against photodamage.

I’ve been using the Monroe London ComplexClear kit (cleanser, glycolic serum and moisturiser with SPF 50) which I picked up from the Harley Street Skin Clinic.


I love getting a pedi done, as while I may be good at doing my nails myself, feet are just so awkward to get to. So once in a while I treat myself to an indulgent pedicure. This time I booked via Le Salon for the convenience of having the (awesome) beauty therapist come to my home.

I opted for a long-lasting gel finish in a coral colour called ‘Tropic’. Even if this means I’m not sticking to autumn fashion trends, no-one will know except me!

Deni Kirkova

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