Barre Works – Ballet meets HIIT!

Hands up who's done ballet before?

Yes, I’m up there with you in the ‘yes, but not since I was younger’ department…Often leaving us thinking that now we have stopped we have completely ruined those dreams of becoming a prima ballerina – so instead of trying again we invest in either a gym membership or failing that a VERY big dinner…

Well despite stopping Ballet about five years ago I decided to give Barre Works a try.

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Barre Works based in Richmond, London is a boutique style exercise studio that leads exercise classes based around Ballet. I headed in to a class with Vicki Anstey; a very graceful teacher who maintained a massive smile and motivated me through to the end.

She tells me that each class is always different and works a specific muscle group. Unlucky for me – I got full body! Knowing my strength lies in weight lifting since Bikini Comp – I feel pretty confident that the little 2.5 weights she hands me aren’t going to be much bother… WRONG… The class involved light weights but high amounts of reps without a break. The exercises were very dynamic and fast paced leaving little time to pause for a break.

f you are a first timer I would definitely recommend starting low and working your way up – I know I will be!

From leg pules to circles to extending and flexing I could feel the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) coming.


We moved from exercising on the floor to the Barre, swapping the HIIT style aerobics to more traditional ballet moves. Quickly remembering the steps from my youth I enjoyed the feeling of dancing again – except this time to modern, funky music rather than the classical Ballet style.


The class surprised me at how exhausted I felt by the end – one thing is for sure – if you’re up for a challenge this is a MUST DO!

Barreworks have 45, 60 and 75-minute classes available – however if you are a first timer I would definitely recommend starting low and working your way up – I know I will be!

Lots of love, Vicky x

Deni Kirkova
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