Becoming body confident no matter what size!

Becoming body confident no matter what size

Looking back at a teeny tiny me – when I first competed compared to a much fuller me now, where I’ve gained muscle and yes, with it obviously body fat and started to gradually cut down for summer.


vicky transformation before and after body curves

Vicky left: Last July and right: Now

I’ve had my eye on redoing a bikini competition since May but lots of exciting summer opportunities and holidays cropped up which postponed it. (You’ve got to live life as well – you can’t constantly be on a cut! I’m all about balance…)
Inevitably this meant my bulk continued on longer than expected – well I tried to cut, but when you haven’t really got a date set in mind it’s pretty hard to stick to it. Now I’ve got a date set (end of October for those wondering), I can finally put the work in and stick to it.


Vicky and Deni at their first bikini competition

Vicky and Deni at their first bikini competition


My main goal is to beat my shape last year. Whilst your lean you love life, every day you see results and progress and know you are getting closer and closer to achieving your best physique yet. However, bulking is a different story – each day you see a curvier, softer physique which is a step further away from your goal. Although – not really – you’re actually making those gains that will take you CLOSER to your goal in the long run, so try to look at the bigger picture! Eating more = BIGGER GAINS… which in turn = SQUAT GOALS!


Left: Vicky last year and right: Vicky now


I’m all for enjoying the moment and embracing each body phase as it comes and changes.

So, whilst I may not be the muscliest of shapes as I’m naturally a small build which means it takes me a while to build muscle – especially if you want to do it fairly LEAN – which I do… (I don’t believe in dirty bulking – you’ll feel depressed the entire time, but that’s a whole other blog) it doesn’t mean it’s going to stop me competing. In my eyes I’ve got over 10 years of cutting and bulking to improve my conditioning and body shape to compete in – if I wanted to go for that long… so I’m all for enjoying the moment and embracing each body phase as it comes and changes.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 20.16.41

Hope this blog helps or inspires you that with time, patience and happiness you can build the physique you want – whilst loving yourself at every stage!

P.s – stay tuned for my bikini journey!

Vicky xx

Deni Kirkova

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