The Powerful Products You’ll Be Glad You Tried

The Powerful Products You'll Be Glad You Tried

Read on for skin and haircare that makes a real difference.

It’s 2019 and time to¬†give our bathroom cabinet¬†a revamp with products that actually work – and are good for you.

Whether you’re still¬†recovering after the hectic holidays or wanting to pamper and beautify to combat miserable January, try these potent beauty products made with natural, effective ingredients.

Dr Organic

The Dr Organic Hemp Oil Rescue shampoo comes in at £10.99 from Holland & Barratt and we love it!

It smells lovely and fresh and makes your hair super shiny, plus it’s totally natural and free of chemicals. The¬†revitalising shampoo is ¬†perfect if you’re looking to grow your hair long.

The product’s hero ingredient is¬†organic hemp oil, which is is rich in essential fatty acids and Omega 3, 6 and 9, essential for healthy hair growth. It’s¬†combined with a unique blend of bioactive, natural and organic ingredients which prevent hair loss.

Clarins SOS

If you have combination skin you need to invest in an SOS Pure Face Mask from Clarins.

It will be the best £30 you spent on your skin this season Рperfect for January detoxing, restoring and pampering.

The purifying clay based face mask formula features organic alpine willow herb that is perfect for oilier skin types, leaving skin toned, matte and rebalanced. It has a lovely cream-gel texture, and is best used once or twice a week, after a steamy bath or shower, while you’ve got your Quinoaplex in… (see below).


SkinGenius is fully-vegan and fantastic for blemish-prone skin, making it one of our top brands for potent beauty products.

We’re obsessed with the three-step skincare programme comprising the¬†foaming face wash, ¬£17.99, the leave-on purifying gel, ¬£19.99, which¬†treats inflammation and¬†redness, and the light and airy soothing moisturiser ¬£18.99, which balances¬†skin while minimising pores and scarring. Key ingredients with soothing, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties include calendula,¬†witch hazel and mallow.

All three come in a set too, as the SkinGenius Complete Skincare Acne Solution for just £49.99, saving £6.98.


We all know about Olaplaex – an awesome treatment that helps heal hair if you’re getting it coloured using bleach (at the hairdresser’s, please!).¬†Well, a new buzzword on the market is Quinoaplex: a similar product made of hydrolyzed quinoa protein.

Qunioaplex R3 Rapid Hair Renewal Formula helps replenish the hair and combat thinning hair, split ends, breakage and damage.

Its so awesome because the hydrolyzed quinoa protein composition is almost identical to that of your hair! When the proteins come in contact, they immediately bond together making the hair stronger and rebuilding it.

The 50ml travel size comes in at less than £19.99 from Amazon and is perfect for on the go, especially to sunnier climates where your hair can suffer even more damage. Use it once a week for 15 minutes after shampooing and before conditioning.

Philip Kingsley

Hero products from Philip Kingsley will revolutionise your party hair prep.

We’re currently obsessed with this no-residue One More Day dry shampoo which promises full volume, texture, and ultimate revival, at ¬£8 for 50ml perfect for travel or ¬£11.50 for the jumbo 200ml size.

The award-winning ultra-light formula refreshes your scalp, eradicates excess dirt, oil and odour and absorbs excess sebum. Scalp friendly ingredients help to keep flakes and irritation at bay.

Eye masks

We’ve found a brand of super-soothing eye masks contain Co-enzyme Q10 and hyaluronic acid, which help to hydrate the delicate eye area and combat dull skin, so you can look bright eyed and bushy tailed through glum January.

The all-natural Bea Skin Care Recovery Treatment Eye Masks come in at £50 for 6 packs of 2, and help to brighten and moisturise the tear trough region, while reducing the appearance of dark circles and fine lines.

Each pack includes a leave on, single-use eye patch duo Рand you can expect to see some benefits immediately after removal.


We love the Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing Performance Face serum, which comes in at £25 for 50ml Рperfect for travel.

Use after cleansing and toning, and before moisturising, in the evenings, for a youth and moisture boost, leaving your skin nourished and radiant.

The gentle serum is 98% natural and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. Potent ingredients include hibiscus extract (known as ‘natural botox’), hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture, as well as antioxidant-rich plant extracts green tea and pomegranate.

Luscious Lips

Luscious Lips may look like a regular lip gloss but it does a lot more. The plumping needle-free anti-aging treatment by Infracyte, at ¬£49 per product, is our ultimate potent beauty product for lips. It’s designed to reverse age-related changes and restore your lips’ youthful, sexy, full appearance¬†–¬†instantly!

We love the new Full Colour product, leaving a strong pigment on your hydrated pout. But if you’re wanting a more subtle look, the Sheer Colour range is also gorgeous – and a little shimmery.¬†Yummy Plummy (above) leaves a very sheer pink colour on the lips.

Deni Kirkova

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