CafePod: THE coffee we’re obsessed with

CafePod: THE coffee we're obsessed with


I don’t need an inspirational quote… I need a freaking cup of coffee!

Recently I was exposed to the coffee company: CAFEPOD and I’ve got to admit, I’ve fallen hard.

Now the winter mornings are creeping in and it doesn’t seem to get lighter till I’m well into my third personal training session of the morning – there’s only been one thing that’s been there for me and that’s a BIG cup of coffee.

But it’s not just the mornings that I’m finding myself a caffeine dependent human…

Lately I’ve been trying to cleanse and take real care of my nutrition as I’ve had a couple of weeks being really slack with diet, sugar and processed foods (it happens to the best of us) so I had to really reevaluate my goals and what I wanted to achieve. I had been eating processed, junk food which is pretty unlike me – but let’s blame it on hormones (for now), anyway… I’ve decided to clean up my diet once again and eat whole foods with protein sources such as fish and pulses and fresh fruits and vegetables and instead of too many supplements I have been using coffee as my pre-workout – and it really, really works!

Cafepod strong coffee

Photo source: CAFEPOD


It gives me the energy to power through an hour long workout feeling fuelled and strong, I’m even getting through the dreaded cardio with a buzz. (Thank F*ck for coffee, right!?) I use the extra strong LIVEWIRE coffee as my pre-workout.

All coffee is available at and can be bought as capsules or ground coffee beans.