Dating Blogger’s Hilarious First Date DISASTER!

Dating Blogger’s First Date DISASTER! But Can It Lead To Love?

Dating is a minefield… and it can also be a source for lots of juicy stories! I Cannot Make This Up is the hottest new dating blog, and Glowing Up brings you this exclusive, hilarious extract. Read ‘The One With The Fire Extinguisher’ below:

I Cannot Make This Up shares her hilarious dating stories online... and would love to hear yours!

I Cannot Make This Up shares her hilarious dating stories online… and would love to hear yours!

His name was *Tom. We went to the same school, although, he was a few years older. After sliding into my DM’s on Instagram to ask me on a date. I thought, why not? Might as well go and see what he’s like. Greek background, a lot of mutual friends, a Real Estate agent – what could go wrong?

As always, I was a little nervous and wanted to look my best, just in case he could be a long-term candidate. A week prior, I bought an expensive shirt from Bec & Bridge. It was chiffon with medieval pointy sleeves that were quite long, coming down past my wrists. I slipped it on and felt confident. Again, what could go wrong?

The date was going well. He’s a nice guy with good banter. The entrees start coming out, one of which was a beautifully presented halloumi dish. I leant over to grab a piece of the halloumi for my plate, reaching over the candle that was, romantically, in the middle of the table, its flame burning bright. Remember the chiffon sleeves? Can you see where this is going?

Next minute, my right arm went aflame and my entire sleeve burnt right off and melted into the candle pot.

It burnt right up to my shoulder, leaving just a few strays of chiffon material, exposing my right arm, bare and cold.

Thankfully, the chef came out with a fire extinguisher and put out the flames on my arm, preventing any third-degree burns. At that moment, I thought, this is an absolute disaster.

Can This Date Get Any Worse?!

I looked sheepishly across at *Tom who was, to my surprise, laughing in hysterics. Word-for-word he said, “If you hear this story from someone else, it’s because I have told everyone I know.” He thought it was that good. The date continued and all night I had to sit there as the mains came out, cutting my steak wearing only one sleeve.

It was a winter’s night and it was cold. Could this be any more uncomfortable?! I thought, surely this guy would never want to see me again after this. Who lets their sleeve catch on fire on the first date?

However, it seemed the ordeal had the exact opposite effect. The next day I received a text from *Tom asking if he could take me on another date. At least if he does turn out to be a long- term candidate, we have a memorable first date story to tell.

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