How Deni’s preparing for the Race to the Stones ultramarathon (am I mad?!)

How Deni's preparing for the Race to the Stones

For those of you who know me, you know I like a challenge and I enjoy a risk.

You may also know, though, that I am not a runner. I ‘don’t run’. My cardio in the gym is a half an hour ‘fast walk’ and I despise HIIT and Tabata. I like to move; but not too fast.

So I don’t quite know what I was thinking when I signed up for the Dixons Carphone Race to the Stones ultramarathon taking place this weekend. Yet, it’s so something I would do (and you should too).

Deni running! Which doesn't happen too often... (by / Sundried)

Deni running! Which doesn’t happen too often… (by / Sundried)

I could have gone to a music festival, caught up with friends, visited my mum or simply LAID IN BED.


Nope. I’m doing an ultramarathon. That technically means a footrace longer than a marathon, which is 42km. This one is ONE HUNDRED KM. Omg.

Thing is, there’s plenty to be excited about and to chill out about.

And I’ve got lots of support in the shape of my partner Toby, who is doing it with me, and Dixons & Dixons Travel, whose snazzy ‘tech kit’ gift is proving to be a godsend.

And, you know what, I am actually quite fit – being a PT, fitness model, regular gym-goer – so I should be able to do this. Because I won’t be going that fast after all.

I am actually quite excited to witness the wonder of the Cotswolds, get immersed in nature, get all mindful and out of my own head, get into deep conversations with my other half during the daily 50km walks, and capture beautiful footage which I can share with BGD readers and followers.

The map of the route!

The map of the route!

I can chill out a little because, well, as you may have caught on, I am not going to RUN the 100km (see, I am not actually mad). There’s an option to simply WALK it over two days with a camp-out overnight, which I jumped at. Still, it is 50km a day. Not exactly your 10,000 steps. In fact, it’s about 65,600 each day (HOLY MOLY).

But it’s 65,600 steps of beautiful nature, I remind myself daily.

For Toby and I will be ‘following the footsteps of Vikings, Romans, dragons & Kings’ on our journey from the Chilterns to the mystical North Wessex Downs past mighty iron age forts, ancient monuments and through some of Britain’s most stunning landscapes. A 5,000 year trek back in time if you will.

Deni's doing it with her partner Toby - VEGAN POWER!

Deni’s doing it with her partner Toby – VEGAN POWER!

Onto my support system.

Toby is doing this with me (I doubt I’d be as willing alone), and I’ve got a kit of essential gizmos from Dixons to prep in advance and for making the most of the weekend itself.

We are on a proper health kick trying to be as sprightly and energised as possible by blitzing up smoothies daily with an AMAZING new Nutribullet.

I thought these were overrated as I’ve been using my slow but reliable £20 blender for years. My, was I wrong. Nutribullets just work so much faster and better! And it somehow made my eclectic mix of leaves, pepper, protein powder, berries, soy milk and turmeric taste divine.

Deni snaps a pic of her unconventional healthy smoothie, made with Nutribullet

Deni snaps a pic of her unconventional healthy smoothie, made with Nutribullet

Ahead of the weekend we’ll be setting up our MISFIT RAY fitness tracker wristbands and POLAR running watch, and charging up our Goji gadgets including wireless Bluetooth earphonespowerbank portable chargers and LED armbands to guide us through the dark.

I think we’re pretty set! Apart from that, I think I’ll pack some of those new vegan Bounce balls for snacks, I’ll carry my GO Outdoors sleeping bag and of course my incredible GoPro HERO 5.

Make sure to check back in during the next fortnight for a feature including videos, pictures and write up of the mighty Race to the Stones ULTRAMARATHON! (which I’ll be walking)

Let’s pray it doesn’t rain!


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