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Healthy London restaurant: Creates delicious vegan cheat meals!

Redemption is London’s answer to health. With a alcohol, refined sugar, wheat and dairy free vegan menu it is the last place you’d think to go to for your cheat meal. However, little did we realise that this Nottinghill and Shoreditch based restaurant has one of the tastiest yet most nutritious cheat meals we’ve ever tried. Bikini Girls’ Vicky reviews. I can’t actually remember the last time I had a burger and fries. Obviously I’ve tucked into some sweet potato fries a little more recently, but as a health and fitness blogger and personal trainer burgers don’t tend to be the top of my list. So as soon as I spotted the name, ‘buff  burger’ (£9.95) on the menu I knew my choice instantly. The buff burger is a protein packed shiitake mushroom, black bean and ruby beet burger in a gluten-free bun with tomato, lettuce, and caramelised red onion marmalade and it tastes delicious. Filling and nutritious I didn’t think I’d be able to finish it – yet I did… and yes, I got a dessert too! Because we all know a cheat meal isn’t a cheat meal without dessert… Josh, my partner and I both opted for a dessert after our burgers. I went for the seasonal cheesecake of the day (£6.50) and Josh went with the recommendation of the banoffee pie (£6.95). Both were presented beautifully and tasted delicious with edible flowers and coconut yoghurt. The banoffee pie was definitely both of our favourites. Made with a chewy nutty chocolate base and sticky medjool date salted caramel, bananas and coconut cream it is our recommendation of the two! If you are less of a sweet person then the tumeric latte’s or mocktail menu will definitely do the trick!

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3 of the best London Vegan Restaurants to dine at now

Disappointed that we are coming to the end of Veganuary? Don’t worry – we’ve scouted out some of the best vegan restaurant menu’s all around London and the UK to keep you on track even longer! So whether you’re new to the vegan scene or already an experienced plant based diner these restaurants are for you…   WHERE IT IS? Comptoir Libanais have restuarants located all around London and the UK, we visited the Gloucester Road branch. WHAT’S ON THE MENU? Comptoir have launched a new vegan menu especially for veganuary, however some of the dishes will still be found even after January has finished (phew!) The menu is served as a mezze style mix with the starters arriving on small plates to share between your group. Our favourite dishes for the starter were the warm falafel (£4.75); a vegan protein dish which was filled with chickpeas, broad beans, coriander, parsley, garlic and pepper and a side of tahini sauce and the Freekeh dish (£4.50); A small plate of smoked green wheat, wild rocket, vine tomatoes and spring onion in a delicious apple vinegar and mint dressing. The main courses of the vegan menu were delivered on much bigger plates and were difficult to finish. You certainly won’t go hungry! The Aubergine Tagine (£9.50) was a flavoursome tomato and chickpea dish with baked aubergine and topped with pomegranate seeds and was definitely our recommendation out of the two. Accompanying the tagine was a quinoa salad made specifically for the vegan menu with chickpeas, pomegranate seeds and fresh mint leaves which felt light yet filling. The price of Comptoir Libanais is very affordable starting at just £2.25 for some of the mezze’s options and with a broad, fresh array of ingredients in the food the menu is sure to have something to tickle your tastebuds. Book

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Doing Veganuary? Here’s how to hit your protein macros

In the past week I’ve probably seen the word ‘Veganuary’ about 50 times a day on social media and I doubt I’m alone… Veganuary is a new trend which involves eating a vegan diet for the month of January with bloggers, influencers, celebs and the media jumping on board. So incase you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past week or don’t have an instagram account and missed the veganuary trend, it basically means avoiding any type of food that comes from an animal, so that’s meat, fish, eggs and dairy all off the cards. Protein can help keep you feel fuller for longer Now, that may not sound too bad if your not much of a meat lover anyway, but for those of us who are into our fitness or exercise it can prove hard to reach your protein goal. See all foods are broken up into three macronutrient groups: carbs, fats and proteins. Most of our protein sources come from animal products so if you haven’t tried a veggie or vegan diet before then this sudden transition may find you feeling weaker and less satisfied as protein can help keep you feel fuller for longer.   Beans, tofu, peas, legumes, nuts and seeds are all vegan staples to add to your diet in order to get your protein in. However, you do need to eat a lot more of it than you would of animal sources to hit your macros. So, as easy way to boost your protein intake is by supplementing with a protein powder.  You can add protein powder to porridge, yoghurt and smoothies which will take them from a higher carb and fat breakdown to a high protein macro break down. A good quality vegan protein powder should be made from a premium mixed blend

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dining with a difference in london

Dining with a difference: London’s restaurants with an extra touch

Where is it? Marylebone, 40-42 Chiltern Street What is it? Yeotown was originally a detox retreat set up in Dorset where people would go to switch off and cleanse. With yoga classes, meditation sessions and cookery classes Yeotown is the perfect retreat. After the success of the retreat they decided to open their first ‘Yeo Town Kitchen’ in Marylebone to bring the relaxing atmosphere to busy London life. Why we LOVE it? Because there is something for everyone! Yeo Town Kitchen boasts vegan, free-from, fish and poultry options all with a vast array of health benefits. There smoothie menu is hard to beat with near enough a whole page dedicated to different smoothie and juice blasts. Why is it different? As downstairs there is a meditation area with two green pod like chairs that you can sit and plug into a ten minute meditation podcast with a smoothie… Perfect for those busy, stressful days in London.      Where is it? Dotted all around the South Coast. I headed into the branch in Whitechapel to trial the menu and experience ‘Cider Tasting’. Find your closest branch here. What is it? A pizza restaurant but not like you know… The Stables is a urban style restaurant offering potentially the BEST pizza I’ve ever tried. MORE: THE STABLES GIVE EVERYONE FREE PIZZA FOR WORLD VEGAN DAY Why we LOVE it? The pizza is baked fresh to order with gluten free options available for bases. As a gluten and dairy intolerant customer, I don’t make it easy for the restaurants I dine at. However, The Stables didn’t seem at all phased by my requests. They have a huge vegan menu with recipes including ‘The one potato, two potato’ pizza which is filled with sweet potato, vegetables and vegan cheese – it’s definitely my recommendation!

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