California walnuts x Rich table LDN

Rich table LDN X California Walnuts

Last week I was invited down to a secret location in Old Street for an exclusive tasting of a walnut themed menu created by chefs, Evan and Sarah Rich from Michellin-starred restaurant, ‘Rich Table’. Launching the first ever pop up restaurant of: Rich Table LDN.   A five-course menu with each dish having been cleverly created using California Walnuts as the prime ingredient.  Typical dishes such as Spaghetti Bolognese had been changed and adapted into a walnut themed dish. I had no idea just how many varieties of meals, walnuts could create. Yet the different dishes all led with walnuts kept arriving… Each dish was served with a different type of wine that would match the flavours of the dish. From chopping them into curries to flaking them on protein sources or blending them into milks and creams, I left feeling excited to add walnuts into my future meals. #WELLNESSCRACKED

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national porridge day by bikini girls diary

National Porridge Day – Here’s how to make your bowl dreamy!

Who doesn’t love a big bowl of porridge? We do and there are a few things we’ve learnt in our extremely advanced practise of how to make the perfect bowl…  FLAVOUR, OATS & MILK The flavour is the key to making a good bowl of oats or a bad bowl of oats… Our first recommendation is always protein powder! Choose a yummy chocolate, vanilla or berry flavoured protein and you instantly have more of a dessert bowl than a break bowl – HEAVEN! We love MyProtein Chocolate Soy (£11.99), Healthista Vegan Lean Energy (£24.99) and Missfits Nutrition (£18.00) best! Secondly OR if you don’t want the extra protein; switch it up with some flavour drops. Stevia comes from a leaf and is a natural sweetener – so we LOVE the MyProtein Vanilla drops (£4.99) as they sweeten up the bowl completely.   Whether you’re gluten free or not we’ve got you sorted with Nairns Gluten Free Oats. They are the perfect alternative to traditional oats and mix perfectly with hot water or milk! Nothing beats a good almond milk in your porridge. Our current favourite is The Paleo Foods co. Mix this almond dream in with your oats and protein and ta-da your bowl will look amazing! The Paleo Foods Co. almond milk is available at Waitrose stores nationwide. (£3.90).   If you haven’t got time to make your porridge bowl or start extremely early don’t panic we’ve got you covered with these two dream products.  MyProtein superfood porridge – you don’t even need toppings with this porridge mix thanks to the range of delicious superfoods you can find inside. MOMA Moma are definitely one of our favourite porridge pots and their new flavour definitely didn’t disappoint – the almond butter and salted caramel is one to grab from the shops if you’re late on time! Find

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