Easy method to ensure you are training for your body type

Easy method to ensure you are training for your body type

Have you ever been left wondering why the ‘BEST diet programme’ that your friend swears by leaves you feeling bloated and exhausted? Well… you may not actually be catering for YOUR body type. See everyone is individual and therefore different things work for different people.

Eating and Training for your body type

Firstly there are 3 kinds of body type:

– Endomorph (larger frame, bigger boned, gains weight easily and struggles to lose it).

– Ectomorph (very slim frame, eats a lot and struggles to build muscle or gain weight).

– Mesomorph (athletic build – fluctuates between gaining and losing weight quickly depending on lifestyle).

BUT to make it even more complicated… we can be mix of two and later in our life switch from one to another. The key is firstly working out which body type you are. Once you know what you know how to train for optimal results.

How to eat or train for your body type

Photo source: Perfect body Magazine

So... how do you train for an ectomorph:
An ectomorph should avoid excessive cardio if your goal is to build muscle, concentrating on lifting weights and eating more calories than you are burning.

An endomorph should look to do more HIIT / Cardio based sessions if the goal is to lose weight.
Still lift weights to create lean muscle mass – but a great fat burning method is to work on a 40:20 basis (40 seconds of working / 20 seconds rest)

For Mesomorphs depending on the goal they can use the basis of endo & ectomorphs training – cardio & weights both working well for a cut and reduced cardio & HIIT with more weight training for a muscle building programme.

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