ins and outs of lip filler by bikini girls diary

Everything you need to know about getting lip filler

Everything you need to know about getting lip filler

The plump lip trend started a year ago thanks to Kylie Jenner’s pillowy pout and since then it has become even more popular with more and more women desiring to achieve the same look.

However, with every trend comes it’s downfall. Horror stories have plagued the news of women with dodgy treatments, inflamed, swollen and botched lips which has given lip filler practitioners a bad name. Whilst some fillers can of course cause reactions it is essential to ensure you are well aware of all the facts before under-going the treatment. The Bikini Girls headed into Harley Street Skin clinic, located at 48 Harley Street to find out more.

The Bikini Girls with Dr Kahn - Lip filler ins and outs by the bikini girls

The Bikini Girls (Vicky left and Deni right) with Dr Khan.

We were greeted by Dr. Aamer Khan, the co-founder of the Clinic who has spent over 15 years in the aesthetic industry. Dr Khan is very well established for his expertise in cosmetic rejuvenation techniques with natural looking results.

 Dr Khan: “Nowadays, women and men want maximum results with the minimum recovery time. For almost every surgical procedure, there is now a non-invasive option which means, minimal discomfort and a much speedier recovery.”

Dr. Aamer Khan firstly questioned us on what we wanted done and examined us thoroughly to decide whether we were suitable for the treatment. As we both simply wanted a slightly fuller pout – nothing too drastic, he agreed it would work well. I (Vicky) was instructed to have a slightly fuller top lip to balance out the fullness of my bottom lip, whilst Deni needed an even boost added to both for the effect she wanted.

We proceeded into the treatment room where we lay down on a bed, Dr. Khan mixed hyaulronic acid with some numbing cream to take away the pain. I went first, bracing myself for the pain, I’m a sucker when it comes to pain, so if I can brave it, anyone can! The procedure was mildly painful, it lasted around two minutes with the needle injecting into the bow of the top lip and the middle of the bottom. Dr Khan massaged the lips once all of the filler had been injected to ensure there were no bumps or spaces left unfilled.

Vicky during the injecting process of lip filler

Vicky during the injecting process of lip filler

‘That’s it, all done’, he said, as I jumped up to look at the results in the mirror. My lips were slightly swollen but I could see how plump and beautiful they were already. I was handed a glove of water to reduce the swelling and was instructed to hold it there whilst Deni had her treatment.

Deni before and after having lip filler

Deni before (left) and after (right) having lip filler

Vicky before (left) and after (right) having lip filler by Dr Kahn

Vicky side profile of lip filler by Dr Khan. Before (left) and after (right)

After both treatments were finished we booked in for a check up session in a months time to ensure the procedure had gone well and that no further top-up was necessary. (This check-up is always free). The great thing about lip fillers is that you see results straight away. There’s usually a little bit of swelling immediately after the procedure and for the next day but the swelling is completely gone within three days.

A month has passed and our lips are still looking perfectly pouty. Filler naturally is dissolved by the body but will last between 8-12 months depending on the person before a top-up is needed. Deni and I are delighted with our results from the Harley Street Skin Clinic. Here are some top tips to make sure you have a safe, well-informed and positive time if you go for lip fillers yourself.

Deni a month after the lip treatment

Deni a month after the lip treatment

Vicky on Harley Street after her check up consultation - ins and outs of lip filler by bikini girls diary

Vicky on Harley Street after her check up consultation


THE DOWNTIME - Safety tips

The clinic

– Check if your practitioner is registered with the GMC (doctors), NMC (nurses) or the GDC (dentists). These auditing authorities provide training and guidance, and are on hand if a clinic encounters a problem.
– Check the clinic’s health and safely credentials, and online reviews.

The product


– You should check what you are having injected, the date the product was made and the expiry date, and that it is sealed and sterile. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are best as they tend to be all-natural and can be reversed if necessary using dissolving product.

– Watch out if a practitioner is planning to inject Restylane. It is a cheaper, popular, licensed product in the UK, and not dangerous, but it may not be very smooth as it’s not suitable for the lips.
– To be fully reassured, you can check the product’s ID number. If there is any problem the practitioner can call the manufacturers and there will be a doctor on the other side of the line. They go straight to the batch to check it.
– Immediately after having lip fillers you should avoid hot drinks, baths, showers and working out, as this can encourage swelling and bruising.
– You can take paracetamol for pain but avoid aspirin as this promotes bruising.
– Swelling can be uneven and you may experience some bruising so don’t worry that your lips may not be perfect until this goes.
Deni Kirkova

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