Expert reveals top tips to beat dry, itchy skin as Winter arrives

Expert reveals top tips to combat dry, itchy skin as Winter arrives

Let’s face it, as soon as Winter makes an appearance we all want to jump into bed and hibernate till next summer and our skin is no different…

Cold, rainy weather mixed with dry, pale and chapped skin. Nobody likes it! So, rather than us motivating you on to embrace the Winter weather, Bikini Girls’ Vicky asked beauty expert, Dr. Rita Rakus for her top ways to BEAT it!

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What should we be using and what should we be avoiding? Dr. Rita Rakus teaches us how to beat chapped lips, dry skin and blistered hands…



Added fragrance can cause irritation and dry out the skin, therefore people with sensitive skin may want to avoid this

‘Whilst alcohols such as isopropyl alcohol can be beneficial in skincare, they are very drying if there is too high a concentration. Try to make sure that these are far down the ingredients list, which means they are not a key ingredient. Added fragrance can also cause irritation and dry the skin, therefore people with sensitive skin may want to avoid this, especially in winter. Another ingredient which can cause complications to the skin in winter is sodium lauryl sulfate; if there is too much it can dry out the skin which is not ideal when the skin is already drier in winter months. Try to opt for skincare which is gentler, and use skincare with AHA’s and BHA’s less frequently to ensure the skin isn’t stripped of excess moisture. A good skincare ingredient to look out for is hyaluronic acid; this is a hydrophilic, ‘water-loving’ ingredient which draws water into the skin, keeping it hydrated through the winter,’ Says Dr. Rita Rakus.


BEST MOISTURISERS & SERUMS: The Dr Rita Rakus Hydrate Hyaluronic Acid Serum which prep’s your skin for moisturiser. This serum will help reduce the appearance of fine lines as well as absorbing quickly to hydrate the skin. available to purchase at the Dr Rita Rakus Clinic, 34 Hans Road, Knightsbridge.

For the lips?

‘It is important to look at the ingredients when choosing a lip balm. A good lip balm will be paraffin, petroleum or beeswax based, which will ensure that lips stay hydrated and the moisture does not evaporate. Some ingredients, such as menthol, can seem to soothe the lips but dry out quickly meaning that you have to reapply often’, says Dr. Rita Rakus

Bikini Girls LOVE: Prevasore for dry lips available for £6.95

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‘Ingredients such as shea butter and natural oils such as coconut oil can be good at preventing cracking’ – Dr. Rita Rakus

People often forget to take care of their hands in the winter, which can become very dry as a result of the thinner skin. In order to ensure this doesn’t happen serums can be a good way of nourishing the hands as it absorbs quickly and feels more lightweight. Hand creams can offer rich hydration for very dry hands; ingredients such as shea butter and natural oils such as coconut oil can be good at preventing cracking.

Vita Coco – Coconut oil as an easy way to keep your hands moisturised. Available from Holland and Barrett


Time Bomb’s Christmas Cracker hand creams available for £10.00, which are enriched with Shea Butter and Argan Oil to help absorb and plump the skin whilst hydrating dry hands.




With over 25 years of experience specialising in non-invasive cosmetic solutions for face and body rejuvenation, and dubbed by the media as ‘The London Lip Queen’, it’s no wonder Dr Rita Rakus has attracted a following of famous names and faces to her Knightsbridge clinic. Dr Rakus is one of the first experts to launch Ultherapy in the UK, runs the 5th largest Thermage® practice in the world and has been awarded the Black Diamond Award by SOLTA Medical because of it. She is also one of the busiest practitioners for dermal fillers and muscle-inhibitors in the UK. Her Knightsbridge clinic is the first official centre for Pellevé in the UK and in 2012 received the Pellevé Glide Safe award for clinical and aesthetic excellence. The Dr Rakus Clinic also features regularly in the Tatler Cosmetic Surgery Guide and the Black Diamond HydraFacial won the Middle East Pool & Spa Award for ‘Best Signature Facial’.


You can find out more info or visit Dr. Rita Rakus here.
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