Eyelash Extensions: We Review London’s Lash Perfect Bar

Eyelash Extensions: We Review London’s Lash Perfect Bar

A new lash bar has just opened up in Wardour Street and as an avid ‘falsie’ wearer, Vicky Hadley headed down to try them.

I’ve tried eyelash extensions many times before and tend to opt for a slightly more dramatic look to ensure I don’t need to wear eyeliner or make-up for the rest of the day. Waking up ready to go is my beauty dream, not to mention the fact I’d be shaving off ten minutes from my morning routine normally spent trying to make my eyeliner wings equal.

Unlike most beauty salons, Lash Perfect only offers eye treatments meaning they are definitely experts in this field. They offer Lola Brow treatments as well as threading and then their signature eyelash looks.

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The 24/7 Falsies Look – No Makeup Needed!

The salon is a short walk from Piccadilly Circus and boasts a modern, glamorous look with turquoise walls and chandeliers hanging from the walls. Numerous beds are located at the back of the salon and downstairs where the treatments take place.

new eyelash bar in soho new lash treatment by healthistaThe exterior of Lash Perfect

Upon arrival I was introduced to Natalie who gave me a mini consultation to find out exactly what type of eyelashes I wanted and what would suit my eyes. I explained that I preferred a gentle fluffy look that was dark and long compared to the subtler lashes. Natalie recommended that I try the Russian Varia lashes.
The Russian Varia is a softer, fluffier and less intense look than the original Russian lashes which give a very dark, full and dramatic look. She explained to me that the Russian Varia lashes are also beneficial for people who have sparse eyelashes because it gives them a natural graduated effect with a softer, lighter look.

The Russian Varia lashes I had give a a softer, fluffier and less intense look than the original Russian lashes which give a dark, full and dramatic look

Drum Roll… The Result

The lashes take around two hours to apply and I would definitely recommend trying to fall asleep during the treatment as lying down, wide awake for that long made can make you agitated – trust me, I’ve been there.

Natalie placed two pads under my eyes to protect my lower lashes and individually placed clusters of different length lashes over my eyelids to create a fluffier, softer look. The technique involves layering a mix of synthetic, ultra-fine lashes (0.05mm, 0.07mm and 0.10mm thicknesses) onto a single natural lash to create a voluminous, graduated, natural look.

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Vickys eyelashes new eyelash bar in soho new lash treatment by healthista

Lash Extension Post Treatment Advice

When I reopened my eyes after the treatment I was thrilled at the result. My lashes created a deep impact to my eyes and the lash line was dark enough to not need to bother wearing liquid eyeliner. I was given a eyelash brush to take away with me and told to brush them every evening to prevent the lashes sticking together and damaging my natural eyelashes.

My lashes lasted around two and a half weeks before I felt like I needed to infill them. I would definitely choose the Russian Varia lashes again, although now the salon has started an express lash treatment which means you can get the look in only half an hour of treatment time which is definitely ideal for people who can’t lie still for two hours, myself included.

What you need to know:

Vicky has her lashes applied at Lash Perfect, 9  Wardour Street

Find your closest Lash Perfect Bar here.

Lash Perfect offer express lashes starting from £40.00

The Full set of Russian Varia which Vicky had are priced at £180.00

The maintenance price to infill lashes start from £45.00

Lashes need to be infilled every three – four weeks

Eyelashes need to be brushed every evening before bed

Do not get your eyelashes wet for 24 hours after the first treatment to protect the glue.

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