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Feng Shui Your Wardrobe: How to Dress for More Zen

Feng Shui Your Wardrobe: How to Dress for More Zen

The concept of feng shui involves incorporating ancient Chinese principles of balance and harmony into your interiors for abundant, positive energy.

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BJ's PJs loungewear sleepwear
Image supplied by BJ’s PJs

Sounds amazing, right? Now, if only we could apply it to all areas of life, such as our desk, our daily routine, our wardrobe… Well, there are actually plenty of feng shui teachings that can be translated to outfits like stylish and comfortable loungewear.

Brigitte, a senior consultant and director at Soulspace, reveals her tips on feng shui clothing: ‘To be in the flow you need to have harmony between your actions, personal presentation and intentions.

‘Wearing comfortable beautiful fabrics and flattering styles that are “you” is important in making you the best person you can be. Together with good feng shui, it sets the scene for living in a harmonious flow with life.’

Feng Shui Fashion Principles

BJ's PJs loungewear sleepwear
Image supplied by BJ’s PJs

Did you know that you can decorate your bedroom in a yin fashion for restful, slow, quiet energy flow? It’s pretty neat; however, the calming energy you require may not be fully available. Even if your comfortable and stylish loungewear looks and feels good, it may be too yang.

After all, many of us are familiar with how what we wear influences our mood. In this article, we’ll explore some easy ways you can get the most out of every moment by applying feng shui to your fashion choices.

The Five Elements

The Five Elements is one of feng shui’s main concepts: each one represents specific energies (some are very yin or yang), reflected in certain textures, shapes/objects and colourways. Therefore, when you’re dressed according to a certain element, it affects your emotions and influences how others perceive you.


Wear green for working out, learning, or wanting to feel energised

Colours, Patterns, Textures: Green, Brown, Light Blues, Stripes, Cotton, Linen, Ribbed fabric.

Energies: Health, Growth, Vibrance, Prosperity, Development, Vision, Vitality, Abundance, Open-Mindedness, New Beginnings.

Good for: Working out, learning, or wanting to feel energised (green). Wear brown if you’re feeling nervous or out of your comfort zone. Avoid green if restless – it’s too invigorating.


Dress ‘Fire’ for dates, parties, celebrations, social or communication-based activities

Colours, Patterns, Textures: Red, Burgundy, Bright Yellow, Gold, Orange, Purple, Pink, White (also Metal), Animal Print, Satin, PVC, Leather, Fur.

Energies: Passion, Drama, Enthusiasm, Success, Romance.

Good for: Dates, parties, celebrations, social or communication-based activities (wear soothing pink to resolve conflict), the theatre. Avoid red for sleeping or if nervous/self-conscious as it’s very yang (high energy) and may impact your sleep.


Soft Earth colours are good for community or family-based activities

Colours & Textures: Light Yellow & Brown, Sand, Beige, Cream, Tan, Taupe, Terra Cotta, Check/Plaid, Tweed, Flannel, Ceramic (buttons, jewellery).

Energies: Care, Growth, Nourishment, Stability, Protection, Trust, Reliability, Protection.

Good for: Community or family-based activities, when you want to feel grounded. Avoid yellow if feeling tired as it drains your energy.


A clean ‘Metal’ outfit helps you stand apart and be seen as in charge or managerial

Colours, Patterns, Textures: White, Pastel, Gray, Silver, Polka Dots, Round shapes, Sparkle, Shine, Stone (buttons, jewellery).

Energies: Clarity, Freshness, Ease, Planning, Efficiency, Productivity, Discipline, Lightness, Calm.

Good for: Stylish and comfortable home office wear, exams, cultural trips. A clean ‘Metal’ outfit helps you stand apart and be seen as in charge or managerial. Avoid if you want to feel sociable or in touch with emotion.


Wear black to command leadership, project authority, depth, power, strength or mystery

Colours & Textures: Dark Blue, Black, free-flowing shapes/patterns like natural or abstract waves, Paisley, Chiffon, Velvet, Glossy, Glassy, Sheer.

Energies: Flow, Abundance, Wisdom, Truth, Freshness, Purity, Freedom, Renewal, Ease.

Good for: Artistic or spiritual activities, yoga, Pilates. Wear black to command leadership, project authority, depth, power, strength or mystery. Avoid black when you need to stay on the same level as your teammates.

Avoid Excessive Fuss

Staying away from unnecessary details means fewer zips, buttons, and less frivolous fuss. In contrast, you need clean spaces to manifesting free-flowing, abundant positive energy: if it’s sleek and functional, it’s got good feng shui.

Our Favourite Brand Right Now

One of our favourite small Australian brands – that ticks many feng shui boxes – is BJ’s PJs; in fact, they inspired this article. The new fashion label features a handful of flattering staple items that are designed by one brilliant woman and made with ultimate comfort and style in mind.

Fittingly, the beautiful lounge and sleepwear staples come in predominantly yin colours such as blue for ease and abundance, and grey/charcoal for calm and clarity.

Ideal for all women, the versatile loungewear pieces like tops and bottoms work for everyday activities. These include yoga, Pilates, flights and other travel, plus home office wear (ideal for Skyping in). You can also wear the comfortable items for hospital stays, around family members and flatmates, for sleeping, and much more.

Clothing With Good Feng Shui

BJ's PJs loungewear sleepwear
Image supplied by BJ’s PJs

In feng shui, the principles of decluttering and clearing obstacles for abundant energy flow cannot be overstressed. This translates to BJ’s commitment to minimal fuss (no unnecessary buttons, zips, even stitches), and details with dignity in mind.

For example, the Bettina cap sleeve top offers generous space in the underarms plus in-built wire-free breast support which removes the need for a bra.

To put them to the ultimate test, we wore both the Bettina top and the Justine cami during a yoga class. To our delight, we found they provide total freedom of movement and support with no constriction or discomfort. Furthermore, there was no boob spill at the sides or over the top – even in down dog.

In other pieces, sleek, discreet pockets allow you to carry essentials or rest your hands, while printed branding on the inside of each piece means no scratchy labels. As a bonus, each short/legging features a seam-free crotch.

One of feng shui’s main aims is to cultivate a feeling of the natural world within a modern living space, and wearing natural fabrics is a good place to start. BJ’s PJs are made using superior quality, organic, eco-friendly cotton with no nasty chemicals, dyes or toxins (slow fashion, less landfill).

Feng shui offers a whole other way to interpret fashion – just remember, no red in bed.

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