Glow All Summer With These Skin-Loving Products

Glow All Summer With These Skin-Loving Products

From new sun protection to a hot scent and the latest way to brighten your smile, we’ve rounded up our favourite beauty buys this summer.

Here are the best tools to keep you looking and feeling fresh for the new season, whether you’re home or away.

Soap-free face wash

I’ve been using the antibacterial Papulex Moussant Soap Free Cleansing Gel morning and night and noticed a huge difference in the quality of my skin – no extra dryness and reduced blemishes.

This stuff is a miracle for problem skin because it’s thorough yet gentle. It leaves your skin squeaky clean yet allows it to go through its natural processes to clear itself up, because the gel doesn’t strip its essential oils and fatty acids.

UV water ‘sun lotion’

UV Water Garnier Ambre Solaire SPF 30 - BIKINI GIRLS DIARY

UV Water Garnier Ambre Solaire SPF 30 – BIKINI GIRLS DIARY

It’s summer in England and winter in Australian – but the Aussie winter is famed for bright, hot sun and sharp winds. You need some sun protection wherever you are, but the last thing you want is white, greasy sun lotion melting down your face.

This is why I’m obsessed with the new Garnier sun sprays, especially the Ambre Solaire UV Water SPF 30. It’s specially formulated to give you the refreshing, hydrating and transparent protection and dries instantly as soon as you apply it – no streaks or marks in sight and it really feels like your skin can breathe through it.

Coffee clay mask

Bean Body Coffee clay mask - BIKINI GIRLS DIARY

Bean Body Coffee clay mask – BIKINI GIRLS DIARY

I love the new Bean Body Coffee Clay Mask: A super soothing mix of high-quality ingredients to hydrate skin and target pores. Charcoal, bentonite clay, Aloe, caffeine and witch hazel work together to detox and purifying your face leaving you with that post-mask glow.

Bean Body also does an amazing Foaming Latte face wash and eye cream you need to try.

Vegan paw paw

Perfect for chapped lips, the vegan paw paw ointment from Sukin will keep them smooth, soft and hydrated all season.

The petrochemical and lanolin-free balm nourishes and dehydrated skin all over your body thanks to a blend of natural oils, wax, castor seed oil and papaya extract.

Regular paw paw contains lanolin which comes from sheeps’ wool. But now you can say goodbye to redness, itching and dryness – cruelty-free.

Lumity face oil

Lumity face oil - BIKINI GIRLS DIARY

Lumity face oil – BIKINI GIRLS DIARY

Fight signs of ageing overnight with this incredible facial oil from Lumity, containing nourishing plant oils, skin-loving extracts and therapeutic essential oils.

Created by Cambridge University Scientist, Dr Sara Palmer Hussey, the oil delivers antioxidant polyphenols, vitamins and minerals, lycopene, resveratrol and coenzyme Q10, as well as regenerative amino acids and omega 3-6-9 fatty acids, all critical nutrients for cell growth, protection, healing and repair in the skin.

PLUS! Charcoal teeth whitening

My Bright charcoal teeth whitening - BIKINI GIRLS DIARY

My Bright charcoal teeth whitening – BIKINI GIRLS DIARY

Try the Mr Bright Home Whitening Kit with activated charcoal for a brighter smile in just 10 minutes!

The clinically certified kit whitens teeth with high-quality, peroxide-free ingredients and comes with an LED light, mouth tray and three gels. You can get it from MYER stores in Australia or online for worldwide shipping now.

And… Chloe Nomade perfume

The new fresh and feminine Chloe fragrance ‘Nomade’ exudes notes of oakmoss, freesia and Mirabelle liquor – and I’m lusting after it BAD. (when’s payday again??)

It’s citrussy, floral, and formulated for ‘free-spirited, confident women’ who travel but love to feel girly and glam no matter what. Stay feminine and alluring by wearing this scent throughout the Aussie winter.

Deni Kirkova
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