We head down to Boardmasters – Surf Festival of the year!

So just last weekend the bikini girls headed down south to Newquay for the surf festival of the year; Boardmasters.

Deni and I have been looking forward to this trip for quite some time and it definitely lived up to the expectations.

Boardmasters VIP

Upon arrival at Newquay and lugging our sleeping bags, suitcases and Deni’s chair (apparently it is the most important thing to bring to a festival – not that I saw her sit on it once…) we trekked down to Fistral Bay to collect our wrist bands before getting a taxi to our campsite. 

We set up tent for the night and explored the campsite which would be our home for the next five days.



 Our site was located in Cloudbreak and boasted VIP toilets and showers (any girls worst nightmare when it comes to camping) some food bars and drink tents as well as a huge field full of campers.


Example, Dead Mau5, Chase and Status and more. 

The surf festival definitely lives by its reputation of beach vibes with the whole weekend leaving you feeling relaxed, calm and happy. 


Surfing! BGD’s Deni took on a surf class with The Escape Surf School. ‘It is the best place ever to try surfing for the third time, I must admit though, it was a struggle dragging myself there after a heavy night at Sailors. But it was well worth it as I learned to paddle and surf right to the shore which I’d never done before. I was paired up with 23-year-old St Lucian Thibault Bain, an easy-going, friendly teacher, for an hour’s lesson’, says Deni.

surfing at boardmasters by bikini girls diary

Deni surfing at boardmasters


vicky, josh and Deni in the hot tub at boardmasters bikini girls diary

Not all music and partying though – on the third day and feeling a little worse for wear; we headed into the wellness area and enjoyed a hot tub session, hot shower and reclined in the relaxation area with fruit infused water to allow our bodies to detox.


Yes we even found a vegan cafe! And it pretty much became our haven. Situated 5 minutes from Fistral Bay we fell head over heels in love with The Beached Lamb Cafe which we PROMISE has the BEST cappuccino we have ever tried.

cappuchino beached lamb cafe bikini girls diary boardasters

Post hangover we got a detoxing juice and salad that definitely detoxed us post night out. On the second day the sun came out giving us the perfect opportunity to relax and recline on the beach and catch up on some much needed sleep. Curled up together on the beach bank under one sleeping bag we managed to catch a few extra hours zzz!

deni drinking coffee at beached lamb

If you’re thinking of heading down to Boardmasters next year – I would definitely recommend it! But expect to feel wiped for a few days (we’re still recovering 3 days later!)

Deni Kirkova
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