Best Hiking And Camping Outfits

Practical Outfits for Hiking and Camping

Packing suitable, comfortable clothing is of utmost importance when planning a camping trip. Not only do you want total freedom of movement but also a feeling of cosiness and comfort.

So what makes the ideal wardrobe? Having camped far and wide across the Australian bush, I’ve done the legwork.

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The Best Camping Outfits for Women

We planned an epic trip to The Grampians and needed appropriate gear to see us through the drive, hiking up the winding trails and more. When it comes to sitting around a campfire, jeans just won’t do. So I packed loungewear instead… hear me out!

The merits of BJ’s PJs exceptional designs are outstanding. With the modern woman’s needs in mind, each stylish, versatile piece of supreme quality is made from organic cotton, with minimal fuss as a priority. This means no zips or buttons digging in, no extra tight bits, and no underwires.

Pockets In Everything

Justine cami and Lauren pants

From dresses to shorts and leggings… everything has deep, comfy pockets, ideal for resting your hands in or carrying stuff around. I think you’ll agree it’s an absolute blessing of a design feature; we all know the feeling ‘OMG it’s got pockets!’. It’s especially true when hiking or camping.

Seam-Free Crotch

Justine cami and Nikki shorts

Right, let’s get to it. A seam-free crotch is an important feature in all BJ’s PJs shorts and leggings that means you don’t need to worry about pulling them down or embarrassment. As with the pants and all other BJ’s PJs items, you can count on dignifying designs to see you through myriad occasions.

Extra Underarm Space

Bettina T-shirt

The cap-sleeve tops and dresses all feature a generous around of room in the underarms – far more than you’d usually expect. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about sweat patches while hiking in the heat. Plus you’re free to enjoy full range of movement. Shop the Bettina T-shirt and see for yourself!

Wire-Free Breast Support

This one might be controversial, but I went bra-free during the entire weekend away. That’s right – I didn’t wear a bra once, and it was amazing! Why so? Well, BJ’s PJs tops and dresses feature wire-free breast support (kinda like a built-in boob tube with soft brushed elastic at the bottom). The design feature was super effective as the double-layered superior quality cotton fabric offers discretion where you want it! Check out the Kylie dress above.

Organic 4-Way Stretch Cotton

Every single piece is made from organic and sustainable 4-way stretch cotton. Why is this so good? Well, I’m sorry but I don’t love the feeling of lycra when it’s super hot, I’m outside, I might be sitting in these clothes for several hours (maybe a couple days!). Breathable, natural cotton is just ideal for camping and hiking.

Extra Tummy Room

Extra room around the stomach in clothes is a brilliant feature for so many reasons. Firstly, it’s ideal for pregnancy, new mums, and women who just don’t like a clingy top (who does?). But secondly, it’s great if you like to tie your tops at the waist with a knot (guiltyyy!). I didn’t do it on this trip but I definitely will be. The Bettina top is ideal for this.

Thought, consideration, dignity, practicality, sustainability and style is woven through each BJ’s PJs piece. What’s not to love? Check out the Australian label’s range here.

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Deni Kirkova
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