Festival Look: How To Apply Metallic Body Tape

Festival Look: How To Apply Metallic Body Tape

New metallic body tape from The Black Tape Project is set to be the hottest festival look. Read our guide here.

The Black Tape Project black electrical tape look hit headlines in 2016 after a fashion experiment by photographer and artist Joel Alvarez, who founded company.

You can now buy black body tape directly from the site, as well as the recently-launched metallic body tape which comes in many colours including blue (unicorn) and gold.

The dazzling body tape is perfect for summer events, and can be a great addition to festival fashion, a pool party outfit or even holiday look.

I modelled the metallic body tape during a fashion experiment collaboration with international photographer Alida Browne and Melbourne-based makeup artist, Joyce.

We styled and shot the metallic body tape from The Black Tape Project on St Kilda beach in Melbourne – and learnt a lot along the way!

Read on for the ultimate guide on how to DIY.

How To Apply: The Black Tape Project

Creating an outfit out of body tape isn’t as tricky as it looks if you follow some simple rules. Here are my top tips on how to best pull off The Black Tape Project:

-Aim for flattering angles and symmetrical application, but no need to overthink it!

-Avoid putting strips on any areas of the body that move – the metallic tape does not bend with the body like black electrical tape; it will just come off! Instead, aim to cut almost all the metallic tape you use into little bits. (Thank goodness we used this technique around my bust area during the experiment!)

Black Tape Project metallic body tape

-You can feel more ‘dressed’ by implementing techniques such as investing in a good set of eyelash extensions, a layer of false tan, and styling your hair.

-Wear a G-string from BONDS under your tape for comfort.

-Cover your essential areas first, like the crotch and boobs, then go from there.

-For a hot festival look using metallic tape, you could mix and match some colours and add glitter and gems.

-Wear shorts on your bottom half so you’re less ‘naked’!

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Deni Kirkova

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