Your Isolation Fitness Guide: The Best Workouts

Your Isolation Fitness Guide: The Best Workouts

Are you keeping up with your isolation workouts? Just because we’re staying home doesn’t mean we need to turn into couch potatoes, as tempting as that may be at times.

There are lots of ways to keep the mind and body healthy while social distancing. For example, you could take up reading, meditation, learning a new skill like baking, staying in touch with loved ones and, yes, exercising!

Deni Kirkova Glowing Up Isolation workouts fitness
Welcome to your ultimate isolation fitness guide! (Pictured: Deni in MyProtein top and Queenieke shorts)

Some Ways To Train

With gyms closed and social distancing now a legal requirement, what options do we have to train? Well, actually, there are plenty. Firstly, singing up to paid classes through Zoom lets you join in with other people live for a virtual experience.

We recommend bootcamps and flexibility with Body By Vicky for some female-focussed workouts. Alternatively, check out Westside Yoga, who do amazing vinyasa, hatha, mindfulness and meditation sessions several times a day. For a free alternative, we love Shona Vertue‘s YouTube channel.

Another way to train is to simply walk or run outside. Simply find your most picturesque local outdoor trail and see what your body feels like each day. Whether you can manage a 30 minute run or simply fancy an hour’s stroll, take advantage of your daily allowance to exercise outside.

Using Ticktime

Simply flip your Ticktime device onto the side you want and the timer will start
Simply flip your Ticktime device onto the side you want and the timer will start

A brand new time management device on the market promises to improve the efficiency of your daily life. Not only does Ticktime help you time your sets during workouts, but the gadget can help you manage screen time. You can set yourself 10, 15 or 25 minutes to browse Facebook, then Ticktime will ring so you don’t end up spending all day on your phone.

When it comes to workouts, you can give yourself 3 minutes to do as many reps of an exercise as you can, then change. Simply flip your Ticktime device onto the side you want and the timer will start. So, how can you get your hands on one? Well, the product is on Indiegogo and you can back it today at a price of $60 for one, or less if you buy more.

Our Ultimate Full-Body Workout

Glowing Up full body workout guide for isolation during coronavirus pandemic
Try our full-body blast today!

Grab your neighbour, partner or housemate for this fun full-body blast at your local park. All the equipment you need is a skipping rope, resistance bands and a light weight – plus a park bench, solid floor and a steep hill!

Warm Up

1 min of each

Skipping, squats and toe taps

Resistance Training

3 sets of each

Bulgarian split squat 10x each side
10x kettlebell squats & deadlifts
Resistance band crab walk, 1 min pulses then 1 min hold
10x tricep dips
10x kettlebell shoulder press & front raises
10x resistance band chest press & bicep curl

Finishers for Conditioning and HIIT Fat Burn

3 sets of each

10x push ups
Hill sprints

Give it a go!

Hot New Gym Kit

Deni Kirkova in MyProtein and Gueenieke
We love the support from this MyProtein bra and the Queenieke shorts’ handy pocket

We’re loving a newly-discovered fitness fashion brand called QueenieKe at the moment! The American label recently sent us three shorts and workout pants in various berry shades, promising supreme quality and comfort. And we were overjoyed with the smooth, flattering fit and sweat-resistant materials. Shop the shorts pictured in this article here and browse the entire collection online.

Last but not least, an update on our forever favourite, MyProtein… They’re having lots of sales on at the moment as well as dreamy new colours, so sign up to their mailing list if you want the latest info. In particular, we’re obsessed with the new pastel shades of the MP Power leggings! You can check out the entire women’s clothing range by clicking this link.

For more tips on staying sane in isolation, check out our top tips here.

Read more about fitness by clicking this link.

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