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My Journey From A to D with The Private Clinic

My Journey From A to D with The Private Clinic

When it comes to anything that revolves around going under the knife it’s always a controversial topic.

Personally, for me I have always had the mind-set that if you are going to change something about yourself, firstly make sure it’s for the right reason and secondly make sure you’re doing it for you.

There’s something very feminine, sexy and attractive about a woman with curves. For as long as I can remember I’ve had a flat chest, it’s not the worst thing in the world of course, and by no means am I suggesting that I think women with a smaller chest should go under the knife or get surgery but for me it was something I wanted. – by Vicky Hadley

Abs or breasts… can’t I have both?

My passion and work revolve heavily around fitness. Last summer I entered and placed highly in my first bikini competitions which I was inevitably very happy about. However, in order to do well in these competitions, you must train very hard in the gym to drop body fat and follow a very strict macronutrient based diet. The annoying thing about dropping body fat especially with most women is that the first place you lose it from is the breast area. Which, for me, was definitely not ideal being that I was already sat at a small B cup. After the competition, I had dropped down to a very small size A cup and felt insecure about my size. I was proud that I’d managed to push myself to achieve my fitness goal and into the strongest and most impressive shape of my life so far, but, yet when I looked down at my chest all I saw was ribs. I had the shape of a flat chested teenager. Did this have to be the only way? Abs or breasts? What if I wanted both? “I don’t want to the next page 3 model” That’s when I started to do my research into other options. A friend of mine had recently undergone a natural looking breast surgery and I met her for a chat. She had gone from a small B cup to a DD. I met her two weeks post surgery and she gushed over how she felt so confident, happy and couldn’t describe how much she was glad she’d undergone the operation. I asked who she had gone with and also to see her.

Vicky before (left) and after (right) surgery with the Private Clinic

After researching The Private Clinic and reading some testimonials online. I booked a consultation with Dr. Linda Fiumara and headed into The Private Clinic located at 98 Harley street, London. ‘She was here to help me, not judge me.’

Dr. Linda Fiumara greeted me with a warm smile and offered me a seat. I found myself biting my nails with nerves and feeling like I had to explain why I wanted surgery as though I might be looked down on. This quickly became apparent that it was all in my head. Dr. Fiumara was here to help me, not judge me. I explained what I’d always wanted; a nice round feminine looking pair of breasts preferably a natural looking D cup. She handed me some silicone fillets which I was to put into my sports bra to try out for size. I tried three sizes on 270CC, 300CC and 320CC. It’s funny but the sizes aren’t worked out in cups in fact they are done by cc’s, Dr. Fiumara explained that I wouldn’t even know what size I was until six weeks after surgery. We both decided that 300cc’s looked the best on me and in a round shape. I left the consultation feeling so excited and almost shocked that I’d made the first steps to regain my confidence.

Booking the procedure...

A month after the initial consultation I booked in for the surgery with Dr. Fiumara at the Welbeck Hospital in London. I had a blood test and check up prior to the procedure explaining that I MUST not wear fake tan, jewellery or make-up for the surgery and I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink for eight hours before. Being a tan lover I have to admit this actually was quite difficult for me. The morning of the surgery came around so quickly I almost couldn’t believe a month had flown that fast. Holding my partner’s hand tightly I walked to the hospital. Entering the building I felt terrified, was I really going to do this? I was led into my own private suite which was modern, clean and spacious. I changed into a bed gown and lay on the bed waiting for Dr. Fiumara to come and greet me. Dr. Fiumara instantly helped my nerves ease as she spoke to me, assuringly, confidently and kindly. She knew what she was doing I was one of many people she’d operated on, yet she made me feel as though I was the most important person and her kindness allowed me to relax and trust her significantly.

Vicky feeling confident in her own skin during a swim shoot, thanks to The Private Clinic

In the operating room I was put to sleep very quickly and easily. I woke up an hour later feeling fresh and relaxed and was told that it had gone extremely well and that I would ‘love the results’. ‘OMG I just had surgery!!’ went through my head. It was done, I’d done it and how did I feel? I wasn’t sure… I was wheeled back into my bedroom and gently placed back into bed. I noted that I actually felt great, happy and positive. Of course I was on pain killers that helped hide the pain but over all there was no real pain. I asked my boyfriend to look at the results and tell me what he thought… ‘wow’ he gasped they look incredible, and he was right, they did.

Vicky the private clinic

Left: (Before) Right: (after) Vicky’s confidence grew after finally feeling like a woman, not a young girl!

Booking the procedure...

I actually left the hospital the same day, I was offered the opportunity to stay in overnight but I chose not to. There’s nothing nicer than your own bed plus I wanted to sleep next to my partner. I had to prop my pillows up and create a V Shape behind me for the next few nights as it’s so important to sit up straight and not lie on your back. Another important thing to note is that you cannot wash your upper body after surgery, oh no… waist downwards only as the stitches MUST stay dry. Ladies now, if you live at home and have your mum or another lady to look after you and help wash you this is fine, but as for me I had my partner – and being bathed whilst not being able to lift anything and feeling a bit like a patient isn’t really the sexiest situation so just bear that in mind… But nevertheless my partner was absolutely incredible at making me dinner, washing my hair, helping me in and out of bed and all of these everyday tasks that suddenly get a lot harder. Also, you will swell up… everywhere! My face, neck, collar bone and stomach were huge for about three days. This is totally normal and very common with surgery so although you may not feel very attractive it’s important to know it’s not something to worry about and trust me it does go.

Six weeks later…

So, I’m now up to date. It’s been just over six weeks since surgery and I’m fully healed. I wasn’t allowed to train for the first six weeks which for an avid gym goer was another challenge but totally worth it. I am back in the gym now and lifting weights. My strength had taken a bit of a dip from my break but it quickly came back – and the motivation seeing my new shape in gym wear definitely helped out.

Just last week I went on my first night out and wore a low cut tight fitting dress, this is totally unlike me – I can’t fill out dresses let alone a low-cut dress! It was unbelievable, my confidence was high and I felt amazing. My partner of course loves them but the real achievement here is the fact that I finally feel like a women. Not a young girl missing something a grown, sexy, confident and happy women. For anyone considering surgery I hope this blog helps you understand what is involved within surgery as well as making you aware that the aftercare and down time isn’t quite as glamorous as you may think. But I also wanted to share the light on just how grateful I am that I found a clinic and surgeon who really genuinely cared about what I said and wanted to provide me with a service that I’d be eternally grateful for.

vicky modelling bikini girls diary

Vicky: Shooting for The Private Clinc after surgery

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