Week 1 - My bikini fitness journey: Facing up to insecurities

Journey to the stage week 1: Facing up to insecurities fuelled from social media

Week 1 - Journey to the stage: Facing up to insecurities fuelled from social media

These days we see so many flawless fitness enthusiasts on social media with already finished results and it can leave you feeling insecure about your own body, I want to show my journey from start to end, insecurities and all…

I decided to share my before photos from week 1 to 12 with you, as I undergo my next bikini fitness competition. Although I know I haven’t got a bad physique at all, it’s still hard to post photos of yourself when you are comparing them to the physiques of other competitors or other influencers with flawless bodies on social media.

As I’m naturally a smaller build, building muscle takes time and I often wonder or question if there’s any point in competing as there is no way I would EVER have the same amount of muscle mass as some of the amazing women I admire. But, with that said – there are plenty of things I do like about myself, so why do I often find myself concentrating on the ones I don’t?

It’s a challenge, a goal to drive me and it should be FUN!

I try and make myself look at this as I would with my personal training or online coaching clients, it’s a challenge, a goal to drive me and it should be fun, enjoyable and motivating.

Vicky and Deni at their first bikini competition

Vicky and Deni at their first bikini competition last year

Accepting your flaws / The REAL social media...

Yes, we all compare ourselves with others  and pick out our flaws – I definitely do anyway – but it’s important to accept your body the way it is, enjoy your journey and love yourself anyway. Social media may show you a glamorous, perfect body but at the end of the day, that’s what they WANT you to see! I’m guilty of it myself. Only posting my best photos that I want to show, although there may actually have been LOADS of re-takes and awful mug shots… But you would NEVER know. This is so unhealthy, unattainable and creating such a negative outcome.

I’m doing another competition to push my health, fitness and drive further – to better myself and to relate with my clients. This show is all about me vs me, creating a deadline for my goal and motivating me as I yet again take on the stage. I’ll be sharing my diet, workouts, motivational tips and probably a whole lotta’ crappy moments as I cut again.

Hopefully this journey will take you along with me and inspire you as well.

Vicky x

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