LA BEAUTIFUL: The Best Skin Regime for Girls Who Work Out

LA BEAUTIFUL: The Best Skin Regime for Girls Who Work Out

Workouts can cause oily skin, breakouts, dryness and even blistering. We asked Kizzy Galvin of LA Beautiful, how to look after skin when you train!

How I can prevent skin damage when exercising outside?

No matter what time of year it is, if it is light outside, there are harmful UV rays that can damage your skin, it’s not just sunny weather that has this effect. When you exercise you tend to bring blood to the surface, which can make the skin even more sensitive to sunlight. Therefore, you should always, without fail, wear an SPF product.

Many people think they have this covered as most moisturizers, bb creams and foundations have SPF inclusion. However, it is always better to apply a stand alone SPF product, minimum 30, as this is a far more concentrated and effective SPF source that will risk of sun damage and reduce lines.

Facials for Women Who Train

The LA Facial is ideal for plumping skin that may be weather ravaged, either from sun or wind/cold weather, as it helps the body produce it’s own collagen, which in turn lifts and fills out the skin. Fine lines are reduced and vitality is restored, meaning you can actually look younger without resorting to drastic, surgical methods.

I’ve lost lots of weight from my face following a diet/weight loss program, how can I stop my face looking haggard?
Weight loss can be a very positive thing, especially if you have considerable weight to lose, or even a little, but the side effects can be less desirable, such as a flattened facial appearance, leading to an increase in wrinkles and potentially sagging skin. The most important thing in reducing these symptoms is to avoid dehydration – water is the best source for clearing skin and allowing maximum plumpness from the body’s natural resources. Oily foods such as Avocado and salmon can also be effective at increasing plumpness, as the ingredients help to return moisture to the skin. Ideally you will be using a plumping moisturizer and serum combination within your skincare regime, to give the face the maximum amount of moisture.

I have sagging skin under my arms, and no matter what exercises I do, the skin simply won’t tighten – what can I do?

Skin sags as collagen production slows, leaving less elasticity than in our younger years. The skin on our arms inevitably becomes looser with age and will begin to sag from the biceps, creating the “bingo wing” effect. This can happen however well you’ve looked after yourself, it’s not just a function of being overweight and even if you pump iron you can’t tighten skin. Speak with an LA Beautiful aesthetic practitioner or your dermatologist regarding skin rejuvenation for under arm treatments.

 The LA Tricep Tone uses a fractional element of RF which tightens columns of skin rather than a whole area, forcing collagen production to increase and tighten the supporting fibers, creating a scaffold effect of tightened skin cells. The thermal RF also gently heats and tightens the lower layers of the epidermis, which in turn tightens the outer layer of skin for a smoother, more toned appearance. Several sessions maybe required before results are noticeable; however, once they are obtained, the results are long-lasting.

After years of sunbathing, my neck looks far older than any other part of my body. Can this be reversed? How can I stop it getting any worse?

The neck is seen as the age give away in today’s society, as most people concentrate on anti-ageing treatments for the face over any other area. A wrinkled décolletage begins to be a problem around the age of 40, and aside from the face and hands, the chest is deemed as one of the killer signs of ageing for most women, so naturally this area has become increasingly more popular for treatment.

Unfortunately, with age and particularly the stretching of breast skin, the skin can start to lose elasticity hence becoming lined and wrinkled and leading to you having to cover up. At last there is a treatment available which is a non-invasive treatment that will tighten the skin around your breastbone, eliminating any sagging in appearance and smoothing out those lines. You will be astonished to see just how much smoother and younger your skin will appear, giving you back your beautiful décolletage.

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