Fitness First FGT bootcamp best fitness classes in london

London’s 5 BEST fitness classes to get you in shape quick

London's 5 BEST fitness classes to get you in shape quick

I’ve sweated my way round London’s fitness scene to bring you my top 5 fitness classes to get you in shape quickly! Plus, they all have been rated on my fun and sweat factor scale. Enjoy! Love Vicky x


We all know that dieting two weeks before beach season won’t cut it for results, so if like me you’re getting started early – let’s make it as fun and sweaty as possible! 


DW Fitness First - FGT BOOTCAMP
Fitness First FGT bootcamp best fitness classes in london

FGT Bootcamp – Photo credit: DW Fitness First

If you’re in a rush for time but want to really feel that workout then this is the class for you.

I did a morning 20 minutes FGT Bootcamp class at DW Fitness First London Cottons Club and left dripping with sweat! The class is split equally between 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds rest – and trust me, you’ll want more rest!

Within 20 minutes I’d battled with the battle ropes, swung and squatted with kettle bells and perfected my press ups. I love to feel worked hard during a workout and if you are the same then you need to give this one a try. With classes at many of the gym locations be sure to add this one to your morning routine – I’ll see you there.

Sweat factor: 5/5

Fun factor: 4/5

See the timetable for FGT here.


I’d heard a lot of positive things about F45 before I finally managed to venture down to their studio in Farringdon and I wasn’t disappointed.

The classes typically last 45 minutes and are delivered as an intense HIIT style programme. There are different bases in which you, as group you take turns moving round. From burpees to kettle bells and battle ropes to deadlifts this class is sure to leave your heart pumping and endorphins high.

The trainers take you round each base offering tips and form adjustments so it is perfect for beginners who are starting out as well as those at a more advanced fitness level. Plus, you need to match the instagram bloggers with a photo by their feature F45 wall (it’s a #MUST)!

Sweat Factor: 5/5

Fun factor: 4/5

See the timetable here



heartcore classes in london

Heartcore is a different style of gym class to the others, as this one is a pilates class although with a twist! This class revolves around a core reformer bed in which every single movement is done either on the bed, next to the bed or between the beds.

This class strengthens and tones the entire body, with stretches, holds and moves that will leave you with muscle soreness in places you didn’t even know existed.

This class doesn’t have the sweat factor as the movements are much slower but you definitely will know you’ve had workout due to your rock hard abs. This class is slightly harder than many of the others so prepare to struggle during your first class – but be sure you’ll improve quickly! I’ll definitely be back.

Sweat factor: 2/5

Fun factor: 4/5

Visit Heartcore here.

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london's best fitness classes

So, I’m not much of a boxer (I’ve only tried it a couple of times before and according to my partner I look more like I’m dancing than fighting) – but with that said, I do enjoy trying. I trialled a BXR class in Marylebone and loved it. Firstly, the gym itself gets you motivated as soon as you enter due to the rustic, urban decoration and pumped atmosphere so you’ll definitely be ready to rumble once you enter the studio.

The classes are led with loud, pumping, remixed music and you are taught some boxing sequences to perform on a bag.

The class definitely scored top on my sweat and fun factor scale and I’ll definitely be returning. If you want to get into boxing for the first time then I’d highly recommend trying this class out.

Sweat factor: 5/5

Fun factor: 5/5

View their site here.

1 Rebel

1rebel best fitness classes with sweat factor

Now this is definitely a class to add to your bucket list. 1Rebel is another gym with an amazing, upbeat atmosphere. I headed into the reshape and rumble class which was a HIIT style class split between treadmill (deadmill in my eyes) sprints and free weight work. The class scores another top score on my sweat scale and will definitely get you beach body ready in no time. It’s ideal for those who need a push as the buzz and motivation from the trainer definitely won’t have you slacking!

Sweat factor: 5/5

Fun factor: 4/5

View their site here.


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