We love Tatiana Karelina Russian hair extensions with flawless colour blend

We love Tatiana Karelina Russian hair extensions with flawless colour blend

Fairytale hair is just an appointment away, as I found after visiting Tatiana Karelina in Kensington. The best hair extensions in London.

The Russian mother-of-one has been London’s go-to hair extensions specialist for years, and with good reason.

Bikini Girls Diary - Deni with hair by Tatiana Karelina

Deni with hair by Tatiana Karelina

Tatiana, an inspiring entrepreneur, prides herself on all aspects of her business. From excellent customer service – beautiful ornate yet cosy salon interior, smiling friendly and professional staff, a lovely drinks menu – to ethical sourcing… Not to mention the stunning hair she exclusively stocks and fits in her salon.

I had cute wispy hair, shoulder length, in various shades of blonde and brown. It was a mutt of a hairstyle. I by no means hated it. But when I started competing as a bikini fitness model I needed to have showgirl hair. Little did I know having such quality hair added would change not only how  others saw me but how I saw myself, my confidence, and even my posture.

Despite having had them done before elsewhere, I had no idea how good extensions could really look on me

The key thing is how well the hair is appplied and blended. I don’t know what kind of cave of hundreds of colours of hair resides in Tatiana’s back room, but I got the feeling just sitting in my gold throne in her Sloaney-Aladdin’s-cave beauty parlour. Looking at my various shades and lengths, Tatiana emerged with reams of long, soft blonde hair in differen colours to match mine exactly, picking out just the right amount of each carefully considered pack to apply. It was awesome, and I felt very special and valued as an individual – which I don’t get everywhere.

In her salon, the girls only use micro-ring application (she sells clip-ins separately, too). Micro-rings can be amazing if done correctly, as they do here. Because I have a mongrel colour of blonde and brown, at Tatiana’s the girls fit the top layer extensions – at least – with brown lying down over blonde, so if my hair parts and reveals and extension, you literally cannot see it. The micro-ring is practically invisible, and the brown root of the extensions matches the brown root of my hair. But as it flows down the length, the blonde beneath is revealed and blends into the rest of my ombre hair. It’s incredible. If the extensions are fitted like this around the hair line, the effect is the same when hair is in a ponytail.

Bikini Girls Diary - Tatiana knows good hair

Bikini Girls Diary – Tatiana knows good hair

The one thing that can hold me back feeling super confident with hair extensions is them being visible or fear of them being revealed. Tatiana quashes this. Even if her extensions are revealed they are so tiny and dainty that it’s not a vulgar sight.

Lastly, her girls won’t put too much hair in, nor too little. Every woman is unique, with her own hairline, hair style, colour and preferances, and the stylists here know this well. Everyone comes out with a bespoke and stunning result as I’ve seen during my appointments.

I’ve had by far the most classy hair extensions experience to date from Tatiana’s salon.

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