Ryan Libbey on How He Got Louise Into Amazing Shape

Ryan Libbey on How He Got Louise Into Amazing Shape

We met Made in Chelsea star Ryan Libbey a couple of weeks ago at a fitness event with STRONG by Zumba.

As genuine lovers of the hit E4 programme we couldn’t wait to get into the star’s head and find out just how much he knows about fitness and most importantly – HOW did he get Louise into that shape…


Hi Ryan! So, it's well known that you've got Louise into incredible shape, what would you say in your opinion are the best exercises for us to do to achieve that body?

“Ah, thank you very much! So, I would start by saying exercise is very subjective and you have to find the sweet spot for you – nobody is the same. In terms of Louise however we train around two to three days per week with relatively short rest periods as we tend to go for a lighter weight.”

What are your go-to exercises with Louise in the gym?

“My go-to exercises with Louise are squats, deadlifts, some shoulder work and a pretty funky ab workout. We do full body sessions every sessions.”

ryan libbey made in chelsea star strong by zumba by bikini girls diary

Ryan, the Bikini Girls and the rest of the class following a Strong by Zumba routine

Ryan, the Bikini Girls and the rest of the class following a Strong by Zumba routine

What about cardio?

“Yes, we do sometimes do cardio, however it’s in very short burst of around 20 – 30 seconds such as sprints on treadmill or sprints on a watt bike.”

Oh wow! So, what is Louise's favourite exercise then?

“Louise loves abs.  We do hanging leg raises almost every time we train!”

“Louise loves carbs, she’s a carb monster!”


Okay, let's talk diet then... What is the best diet for clients exercising for around 3 times per week doing weights or classes such as Strong by Zumba?

“Well, Strong by Zumba is a very intense workout with functional exercises like those in the gym that can be very tiresome on the muscles so it’s important to get your fuel in post workout. In terms of a macronutrient split though, everyone is different so I recommend finding what macronutrient split works best for you – you need to get creative. In reference to Louise she loves carbs, she’s a carb monster! But her body can handle it.”

What are your go-to post-workout carbs?

“I would go for dirty carbs post-workout actually. So, white carbs like white bread, white pasta and fruit as it’s a faster release (of glycogen to your muscle stores than that of complex carbohydrates such as brown bread). Later in the day I would say have complex carbs though such as quinoa, sweet potato and brown rice.


What's your top fitness tip EVER?

“Don’t skip leg day!”

Ryan is an ambassador of STRONG by Zumba, you will be able to catch our review of the class out next Tuesday.

ryan libbey made in chelsea fitness star interview by bikini girls diary

Squad goals: The team after the STRONG by Zumba class


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