Maternity Photography: Graceful Boudoir Shoot

Maternity boudoir photos by Graceful Boudoir are sensual, graceful, and divinely feminine.

Boudoir and maternity might not instantly go together on first thought. But the merging of these photoshoot themes is actually a beautiful blend.

After all, embracing your body without apology and growing a baby are both intimate experiences worth celebrating. Maternity boudoir photos are less sexy and seductive: more sensual, graceful, and divinely feminine.

My experience with Kristy and Shaun

That’s why I can think of no company better suited to conduct my maternity lingerie shoot than Graceful Boudoir – the boudoir photography specialists based in Melbourne, Australia.

Made up of experienced, skilled, friendly and compassionate husband and wife team Kristy and Shaun Powell, it’s the new venture behind the established Shaun Powell Photography name. Shaun has a solid background in glamorous beauty, fashion and swimwear shoots, while Kristy’s background includes a career in counselling. She brings so much warmth and empathy to the experience.

As a model, experienced or a total novice who has never stepped in front of a camera before, you will feel at 100% ease and comfort during a shoot with Graceful Boudoir. From an array of sets and backgrounds to a wardrobe and shoe rack to die for, the set up at their home studio is very impressive. I recommend bringing a few key items you’d like to wear for the photos, but Graceful Boudoir also have a great selection you can try on.

How we got the best photos!

My partner Andrew, the father of my baby, came for the shoot. He is a camera shy ex-serviceman and a tradie who reluctantly stepped in for a few shots – and wow, they are my absolute favourite. I guess he was also put at ease during the shoot and it really shone through. Since then, I’ve commissioned a graphic artist called Jess of Nineteen Designs to make the below image into a pop art piece.

I am 31 weeks and 3 days pregnant in these photos, and I’d recommend booking in for between 31 and 34 weeks for the best bump size and experience in terms of comfort. Now I am 33+ weeks I’m getting more tired, sleeping worse, breaking out a bit more and feeling really big.

Just my personal feeling and experience but everyone is different. You might want that beautiful 37 weeks bump captured in all its glory. Just beware baby is at term by 37 weeks! I’d hate to miss out on my shoot because I’d gone into labour – as delighted as I’d be to be meeting my baby!

Hopefully, this gives some insight into what it’s like to get a maternity boudoir photoshoot and why it’s an amazing experience. I had an absolutely faultless shoot with Graceful Boudoir and recommend them highly. If not only for the stunning retouching where the finished photos look like something out of a high fashion magazine. Book a shoot with them here.

Deni xo

Deni Kirkova
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