Missfits vegan protein powder bikini girls diary

MISSFITS – The new Protein Powder we’re OBSESSED with!

Being a self-confessed, health nut I will publicly admit it’s not that easy for me to get my protein in. I am allergic to dairy so therefore can’t have any whey based proteins and lets face it – that’s the majority of the market out there. So, when I have the option to try a new vegan protein powder I get VERY excited.

Last week I trialled a brand new range called ‘Missfits‘ – a vegan protein brand.
A unique blend of pea protein, crammed with all of the essential nutrients we need for our body to function properly.

Missfits vegan protein powder bikini girls diary

As most of you know I have been under-going a personal training course so with those long hours spent in the gym I’ve needed an extra protein burst and this Missfits Sachets have been the perfect option. Filled with added vitamins and minerals you have a great combination of micronutrients needed to stay healthy.

My favourite flavour was the chocolate sachet which I mix into my morning porridge oats and the unique coffee flavour – as a coffee addict it gave me the energy to get into the gym and push through a hard workout without so much of a sip of pre-workout!

coffee Missfits vegan protein powder bikini girls diary

The BEST bit: There’s no added sugar so you aren’t whacking on the calories or drinking any nasty ingredients – it’s completely natural!

If you fancy trying Missfits you can order them here,

Deni Kirkova
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