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The New Summer Hot List! Health Buys You Need To Try

The New Summer Hot List! Healthy Products You Need To Try

Here are the hot new summer products we can’t live without, and you shouldn’t either… By Vicky Hadley.

The Tasty Summer Treat

Ice cream perfect world

This one was a total no brainer for us! I’m OBSESSED with ice cream but being dairy intolerant and also very health conscious it means that I won’t touch a typical ice cream. So, when Perfect World ice cream told me they were dairy free and had a good macros it meant my summer just got better.

The ice cream has absolutely no animal ingredients and is sweetened with stevia making it a whole lot healthier than traditional naughty ice cream. PLUS in each tub Perfect World have fortified the ice cream with 12 vitamins and minerals: vitamins (D, E, B1 thiamin, B2 riboflavin, B3 niacin, B5 pantothetic acid, B7 biotin, B12), minerals (chromium, manganese, copper, zinc).

My favourite flavours are raspberry ripple, double chocolate chip and mint chocolate!

Check them out here.

The Summer Wake-Up Call

Minor Figures ice coffee bikini girls diary

Photo source: Minor Figures

These summer mornings mean it’s easier to exercise outside as it’s so much lighter – but that doesn’t mean actually waking up gets any easier! Thankfully the brand new ice coffee blends from Minor Figures have just launched.

Minor Figures have launched vegan, dairy free oat milk, cold brew coffees with a delicious, high quality taste.  My personal favourite has to be the Iced Mocha which combines smooth nitro coffee with homemade oat m*lk (a favourite of the UK’s best baristas) and cocoa!

A box of 12 are available for £22.00 – shop here now

The Protein Powder We’re Obsessed With

Everyone knows that we all want to lean out for summer – abs are made in the winter but shown in the summer so adding a lean protein powder to help you tone up and preserve your lean muscle mass is one of my favourite and tastiest methods to keep my diet on track.

Recently I’ve tried FreeSoul’s Vanilla Vegan Protein Powder and I LOVE it… it’s creamy, sweet and tastes delicious in a bowl of oats with frozen berries. The protein is even specially formulated to improve hormone balance, energy and mood.

vegan vanilla protein powder

Photo Source: FreeSoulSistas Instagram

Check out the full benefits of Free Soul protein here

Check out my full review of Free Soul here

My other favourite chocolate protein right now which I’ve been adding to make protein pancakes is Kin Nutrition OMG! No Whey chocolate vegan protein.

They come in really cute refillable tubs with only 127 calories per 35g serving.

Shop here
The Summer Sports Edit

Boobuddy sports workout bikini girls diary

With the summer weather looking so gorgeous (ahem.. besides the past couple of days) it’s made exercising outside a whole lot of fun! However, if like me, ladies you struggle with the age-old drama – if I run I get intense back pain or have the dilemma of our chest thumping up and down against our bodies, then this one is definitely for you!

The Boobuddy makes running possible. It is a tight strap that adjusts according to your size and holds your chest and sports bra in place whilst you go for a run or through a workout. They came in a variety of colours and are just £20.00 per belt!

Shop the collection here.

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