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The New Way to Get Plump Lips Without Filler

The New Way to Get Plump Lips Without Filler

A kissable pout is envied and desired by many of us, but can we get plump lips without going under the needle? Vicky Hadley finds out.

Every woman has a favourite shade...

Since Kylie Jenner, the rest of the Kardashian Klan and celebrities including Britney Spears have started boosting their pout with the help of lip filler and injections it has become all the rage. From Victoria Secret models to Instagram models it seems you can’t find many boasting the slimmer lip line anymore.

Well, Dr Rakus’ clinic in Knightsbridge may have the answer. Dr. Rakus is known as the ‘lip queen’  by many who dabble in fillers including celebrities and media personalities. So, can you create a fuller lip line without injectables? ‘Yes’ says Dr. Rakus, with her brand new treatment, ‘Perk.’

Perk is the first hybrid facial that manages to boost the lips without any needles involved and it doesn’t stop there. Perk also can be treated under the eyes to hide the appearance of bags and brighten the eye area as well as plumping the skin around the eyes and lips when used as a facial.

So, how does Perk work?

Perk comes in a cylinder shaped tube with a applicated pen that rolls along the desired facial area that wants plumping. Perk works by removing dead skin cells and delivering antioxidants and nutrients into your skin which in return creates the plumped look.


Perk before and after photos. Photo Source: Perk website.

Dr. Rakus simply rolls the perk lip wand over and around the lips. Unlike filler it is completely pain free and no numbing cream is required (again, unlike filler). The roller ball has a bit of a gentle suction which works at removing all dirt and impurities on the lips and leaving them feeling exfoliated and cleansed.

Our verdict?

Perk is definitely a great alternative to filler, although it doesn’t create the instant plumped look you can get from filler it creates the look of a fuller and more hydrated pout. You can take Perk home with you and apply weekly over the month yourself to keep the fuller lip look for longer – win-win!


Book in to try a Perk Treatment with Dr. Rakus via her website here.


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