Orbit Fitness: Who Needs Gyms When You Can Have One At Home?

It’s been more than six months since I’ve seen the inside of a gym, and you know what? I don’t miss it, because I’ve got everything I need to workout at home. Orbit Fitness Equipment collab.

The coronavirus pandemic has us rethinking many areas of life; now we’re working from home, brunching over Zoom and touching elbows instead of hugging. In the name of remaining virus-free, the new world of social distancing extends to fitness facilities, too.

Gyms have always harboured germs but it never stopped us – till now. Once Covid-19 exploded, fitness studios closed down. And in many places around the world, including Melbourne, Australia, we won’t see gyms open for a long while yet. But we still want to stay fit, and for those of us used to heavy squats with gym equipment, and hour’s stroll simply won’t cut it. So what’s the alternative?

Set Up A Home Gym!

That’s where Orbit Fitness Equipment comes in…

Orbit Fitness is a gym equipment supplier that offers all kinds of machines, kit and accessories to rent or buy. Categories they cater for include yoga and Pilates, boxing/MMA, and accessories for a full-body workout. Plus, we love the selection of weights, kettlebells, scales and apparel.

If you want a full indoor cardio set-up with treadmills and rowing machines, you can get it. However, for me I prefer a compact kit of the essentials that doesn’t take up too much space. It’s my maximum performance and minimum impact philosophy! So, here are my Orbit Fitness essentials (to buy, not rent) – and how I use them.

Remember, they ship all over Australia!

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16kg Vinyl Dipped Kettle Bell

This super versatile piece of equipment facilitates a full-body resistance workout that challenges your balance through compound movement. I love kettlebells because they’re compact in size and can be easily stored away when you’re not using them.

Of course, they offer many uses. From squats to lunges, deadlifts, shoulder press and crunches, the possibilities are endless. Choose your weight here: 16kg Kettle Bell.



SPART Commercial Grade Pump Set

We love the SPART Pump Set which works for all kinds of exercises. It’s a versatile piece of home gym equipment that allows you to perform exercises such as front or back squats, deadlifts, underhand barbell rows, shoulder press and much more. The Pump Set from Orbit Fitness Equipment features a 2.5kg barbell and six weights: 2x 5kg, 2x 2.5kg, and 2x 1.25kg totalling 20kg.

Ideal for beginners and seasoned weightlifters, a 20kg weight is more than enough for performing compound lifts – the slower the movement, the bigger the burn. Just don’t forget correct form! You can also remove the plates for lateral and front raises.

10kg Pro Grade Competition Kettle Bell

One of the biggest defining characteristics to the 10kg Pro Grade Kettle Bell is its bright colours and the fact it’s actually a steel cannonball – rather than made of cast iron. Some people simply prefer steel: in a way it feels lighter, because it’s bigger in size, but the weight is the same.

With this piece of equipment you can recruit more stabilising muscles thanks to the off-centred weight of a kettlebell, and work your targeted muscles through a wider range of motion.

FitClub Yoga & Pilates Mat

We love this rubber mat for its incredible grip. The FitClub Yoga & Pilates Mat by Orbit Fitness Equipment (used in the tutorial above) is ideal for all your workout needs, whether you’re going yoga, Pilates, or any other ground-based exercises.

Orbit Fitness FitClub Balance Ball

Use the versatile FitClub Balance Ball with Resistance Tubes to work on your balance and strengthen your core. The BOSU ball-type equipment lets you to perform a range of exercises to tone your muscles with detachable resistance bands.

Did you know you can use it both ways? Even upside down! The inflatable section is ideal for squats, planks and other balance exercises. I personally like to feel the burn in side lunge with a kettlebell – by resting one foot on the FitClub Balance Ball. The unique pattern and matte textured surface helps prevent slipping.

The strong concave base is sturdy and has 6 little ‘feet’ to distribute weight evenly when exercising – great for planks, push ups and more challenging balance movements. Attach the heavy duty resistance tubes and hold on to the handles for bicep curls, squats and rows whilst standing on the ball to really test your core. Check it out on Instagram.

Ergo Toning Pilates Ring

A Pilates ring is a great addition to your bodyweight workout or, of course, a Pilates essential. The Ergo Toning Pilates Ring is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Otherwise known as a magic circle, this resistance toning ring will build up your core strength whilst sculpting your muscles and helping to develop flexibility.

Target your arms, core, or legs as you wish. The Ergo Toning Pilates Ring from Orbit Fitness Equipment is especially great at toning your adductor and abductor muscles for a super effective workout!

PTP Elite Jump Rope

Get your cardio in with the awesome PTP Elite Jump Rope. The warm up of choice in MMA and boxing, skipping is fantastic for your cardiovascular system. But this rope is in another league entirely. Techy specs include premium anodised aluminium handles covered with a soft, non-slip, PVC surface, and anti-torge ball bearing to maximise wrist rotation.

Visit Orbit Fitness Equipment for all your home gym needs. Use the code GLOW10 for an amazing $10 OFF your first order over $99!

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