Oxygen Trampolining – The most fun workout you can have in an hour!

An hour of playing in a trampoline park that has an obstacle course, foam pit, dodgeball area and of course hundreds of trampolines sounds like a child’s dream right?

What is Oxygen?

Well… It’s not just for kids! Oxygen free jumping is an all round aerobic workout and will push your body harder and faster as you won’t even realise you are training. The constant jumping and cardio will boost your metabolism and help aid fat loss. If you prefer to be in a class rather than exercising on your own then there is an option for this also. 

I headed down to Oxygen Free Jumping Park in West Acton London with my boyfriend, Josh and his brother and wow… Did we have a laugh… A very sweaty laugh.

Jumping from one end of the park to the other and trying (and failing) at different flips and skills I worked up quite a good calorie burn whilst having a lot of fun doing so. We tried all the different rooms from a obstacle course and flying trapeze to monkey bars that I will admit I was absolutely terrible at.

That’s not all – a trampoline run way occupies the entrance in which you can bounce down and perform a flip, jump or in my case belly flop all the way into an air bag! A room of individual trampolines is available for a game of dodgeball and upstairs is a haven of walls that you can try and run up and down. Whatever your jumping level or preferred activity is you will be left spoilt with choice.


Oxygen Free Jumping instagram

Photo source: Oxygen Free Jumping instagram

Want to try it yourself?

Think you’d like to try it out? I’d definitely recommend it… Maybe bring some younger siblings too as it is definitely a haven for kids! Oxygen have a brand new bear grylls course launching in their Manchester park too which I can’t wait to try.

Book into your nearest park here.

Deni Kirkova
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