I’m Pregnant! All About the First and Second Trimesters

Yes, that’s right… I am 6 months pregnant! My partner Andrew and I are expecting our first child, due in June 2021. We are over the moon and so excited to welcome our little one into the world. On publishing, I’m a week from the third trimester with just weeks to go before we meet our baby!

Here is an update on my journey so far with some facts about baby and our life…

Deni wearing Emamaco longline sports nursing bra and bike shorts with pockets

Wearing Emamaco longline sports nursing bra and bike shorts with Skechers

I Miscarried in July 2020

It was horrendous. We had got pregnant by accident, but it was the happiest surprise. After the loss at 9 weeks gestation, we got pretty depressed, but it didn’t deter us from putting more intent behind making a baby and we got pregnant again soon after.

We’re Keeping the Gender Shtum

Andrew wants a surprise when the baby is born, and I don’t mind what gender they are or waiting to find out! I’m trying not to gender the baby much at all either, but I have a small gut feeling it’s a boy! We’ll see, and it is exciting to not know.

My Prenatal Supplements…

I’ve been taking B12, iron, folic acid and Vitamin D since the beginning. I’ve recently added deep sea kelp for iodine and vegan omegas for DHA – both of which assist foetal brain development. My hair is getting super shiny, strong and long which might have something to do with all the vitamins and minerals!

Maternity Fashion

Melbourne-based independent activewear label Emamaco gifted me 3 maternity outfits which are so comfortable, versatile and flattering (above). The longline bra tops with clip-off straps are suited for sport and nursing alike, while the bike shorts and leggings are cut to fit pregnant bellies and come with handy pockets. All items are made from breathable, sweat-wicking Supaflex fabric that is certified OEK TEX 100 – meaning it is tested to ensure it contains no harmful substances.

I Can’t Tie My Shoes Anymore….

Skechers GOwalk

Which is why I’ve gone over to comfy and stylish Skechers. I was gifted the GOwalk Arch Fit Grateful shoes in black which I wear to work and everywhere, plus some grey trainers – the GOrun Hyper Burst Solar View running shoes (above).

The GOwalks (left) are amazing as they slip on, while the ergonomic design helps with backache and getting around when your centre of gravity is askew.

Sleep and Bladder Issues

I can’t sleep comfortably through the night anymore as my belly just gets in the way! It’s getting really big and it’s often itchy. I think because the skin is stretching. But I’m not getting any stretch marks. Baby is also moving around in there constantly, turning and kicking. Because of my heavy uterus and altered positioning of my bladder and urethra, I’m having little leaks after peeing. It’s devastating and physio isn’t helping. Let’s hope something works and it doesn’t last after baby is born.

Stay tuned for more pregnancy news and new baby excitement!

Deni Kirkova
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