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Protein powders: Eight of the best plant based protein powders

Everyone knows that missing out on protein could result in loss of muscle mass and weaker hair, skin and nails… But many sources contain dairy in. So, whether you suffer from a dairy allergy or  intolerance, choose to avoid it for health reasons or are vegan:

Here are eight of the BEST plant based protein powders – that not only will help you nail your macronutrient goals, but they also taste amazing too!

1. Missfits

missfits invisibobble bikini girls diary christmas gift guide

Why we love it? Missfits is fairly new to the protein industry but is already a must-have from many fitness bloggers and instagrammers. It’s crammed crammed with all of the essential nutrients we need for our body to function properly and unlike the others it is only stocked in sachets meaning it’s a portable option to keep in your gym bag without weighing you down.

Grams of protein? Missfits has 15 grams of protein per 25gram serving

Best flavour? My favourite flavour was the berry sachet which I mix into my morning porridge oats and the unique coffee flavour – as a coffee addict it gave me the energy to get into the gym and push through a hard workout without so much of a sip of pre-workout!

12 Sachets available here for £20.00

2. Natures Plus – SPIRU-TEIN PureTrition

purition protein

Why we love it? Natures Plus is the definition of naughty but nice. It tasted way too good to be healthy, yet somehow it is! Filled with vitamins, minerals and chocolate-y goodness this protein powder is to die for. SPIRU-TEIN PureTrition is organic and soy-free for those who have issues with soy products, developed from organic rice, quinoa, spirulina and flaxseed.

Grams of protein? PureTrition has 19 grams of protein per serving

Best flavour? My favourite flavour has to be the dark chocolate protein which tastes SO much like real chocolate. I’m definitely a dark chocolate fan over ordinary chocolate so would recommend this product for its taste through and through.

Available here for £48.50

3. Innermost

eight best plant based protein powders by bikini girls diary

Why we love it? Brand new protein powder, Innermost’s protein blends are unlike most protein powders of the market thanks for it’s unique blend of ingredients such as Japanese medicinal mushrooms, pink Himalayan sea salt, bilberries, Montmorency cherries, cocomineral, turmeric and matcha green tea. The protein powder helps to reduce fatigue, increase recovery time, burn fat  as well as build lean muscle mass. I tried ‘The Health One’ of the innermost blends as this is a vegan protein powder.

Grams of protein? 30 grams of protein per 40 gram serving.

Best flavour?
The Health One comes in a sweet chocolate flavour that tastes delicious and light alone or amazing mixed with Alpro Soya yoghurt for a creamy dessert.

Available here for £30.00

4. Healthista Lean Vegan Diet Protein

healthista eight best plant based protein powders by bikini girls diary

Why we love it? Healthista’s brand new lean vegan diet protein shake is derived from pea, rice, hemp and pumpkin seed proteins. It has an added boost of superfoods that keeps you feeling fuller for longer as well as enhancing fat loss.

Best flavour? Mixed Berry is definitely my favourite, it’s very sweet and definitely leaves you wanting more, whilst keeping that sweet tooth at bay.

Try it? Try this protein blended with a banana and frozen for a healthy berry flavoured ice cream.

Available here for £24.95

5. Neat
Neat Nutrition Vegan+Protein Review

Why we love it? Neat Nutrition are an incredible tasting vegan protein powder range created from a blend of hemp and pea. They have three smooth and creamy to flavours to choose from: vanilla, berry and chocolate which are packed with amino acids including Lysein, (an essential amino acid that plays a key role in converting fatty acids into energy) that vegans are often deficient in.

How many grams of protein per recommended serving (28 grams)? 25 grams of protein in the natural flavour and 20 grams in the berry flavour.

What’s the taste like? Neat is extremely sweet considering there is no added sugar and tastes more like a naughty dessert than a healthy drink, I was actually amazed at just how good vegan protein powders could taste.

Best flavour? Berry was my favourite, it is not often I would vote for a fruity flavoured protein powder but Neat didn’t even need any added plant sugar for taste.

Available for £34.00 from Neat Nutrition

6. Sunwarrior

sunwarrior vegan protein by vicky hadley

Why we love it? Sunwarrior Raw Vegan Protein Powder is an incredible blend of cranberry, hemp and pea proteins. With three flavours: vanilla, chocolate and natural there is something for everyone. Sunwarrior use the natural plant based sweetener stevia to give their protein shakes the delicious taste they own.

Sunwarrior’s protein powder is completely raw and plant-based protein, that is rich in amino acids and superfoods. Our favourite is sunwarrior’s chocolate protein powder, try it blended with avocado and coconut milk to create a chocolate protein mousse.

How many grams of protein per recommended serving (25grams)? 20 grams

What’s the taste like? Sunwarrior is sweet and has the melt in your mouth texture that makes you sigh in happiness. Thanks to the stevia extract sunwarrior protein powder needs no extra sweetener, simply toss in a few berries for a zingy burst and you’re good to go.

Best flavour? Vanilla and chocolate both top it for me, if you are going to choose a green smoothie mix in the vanilla protein powder – honestly, you can not try a nicer smoothie but if you want something to curb your dessert cravings chocolate is a must have.

Available for £27.90 from Amazon


strippd-vegan-protein-powder-best-tasting-by-vicky hadley

STRIPPD are fairly new on the protein scene but are definitely ahead of the trends. Their vegan protein powders are derived from a blend of whole pea and hemp and infused with metabolism boosting yerba mate to help tone and develop lean muscle.  The pea and hemp blend contains all of the essential amino acids for building long, lean muscles.

How many grams of protein per recommended serving (35grams)? 20 grams

What’s the taste like? Another sublimely sweet tasting powder I love the fruity flavour of STRIPPD mixed with my morning porridge oats and water or almond milk.

Best flavour?  Mixed Berry

Available for £20.00 from STRIPPD and at Boots

8. Reflex Nutrition

vegan protein powder best protein powders by vicky hadley

Reflex is an excellent option for vegan athletes and those who are on strict calorie or macronutrient dependent diets. It has only one gram of carbohydrate and 1.4 grams of fat per serving. As well as being a great option for those avoiding soy. Reflex is derived from pea protein, natural flavourings and sweetener (Stevia) and Digezyme® Digestive Enzyme Complex (Amylase, Protease, Cellulase, Lactase, Lipase) to help with nutrient absorption.

How many grams of protein per 25 gram serving? 19grams

What’s the taste like? Reflex tastes incredible mixed with Alpro Soya yoghurt as it isn’t as sweet as the other stevia based protein powders so is ideal for those who don’t like too sweet products but want a sweet fix.

Best flavour? Chocolate

Available for £33.36 from Bodybuilding.com

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