Race to the Stones: 100km of Stunning Views on GoPro

Race to the Stones: 100km of Stunning Views on GoPro

I took on the epic 100km Race to the Stones challenge! My favourite part was experiencing England’s changing weather and landscapes.

Luckily, I had the right gear from Dixons Travel to help me capture it all including a GoPro Hero5. Check out the epic 100km challenge on video, filmed on the go:


The route was truly wonderful, passing up and along the high ground South West from Lewknor in Oxfordshire to the Thames crossing at Goring. From this point the route rises up onto the North Wessex Downs passing golden fields before the iconic finish – getting to walk between the towering Avebury Stones.

The trail is called the Ridgeway and is recognised as Britain’s oldest path, bearing traces stretching back over 5,000 years. It’s lined with Bronze Age hill forts, neolithic burial chambers and Roman river crossings.

I got to feel and overcome the physical limitations of my body – to truly feel alive.

I reached the point of physically not being able to walk two thirds into day one due to a stiff hip, and then somehow getting back up again to walk again on day two. Overcoming unbearable pain was largely thanks to the heroic massage team who kneaded muscle after muscle in each runner or walker 10 minutes at a time at the mid-way overnight pit stop.

This was truly amazing: after my massage I enjoyed a warm dinner, posh showers, sitting by a fire with a cup of tea and live music, overnight camping and a fresh breakfast to get me set for the next day.

The nine other pit stops at each 10km point also had a vital part to play in getting me through. I got free medical assistance including blister care, an abundance of drinks and snacks such as like Perkier and Whitworths healthy bars, and motivating friendly faces.

Dixons and Threshold Sports hosted one hell of an event, and now I’ve realised I’ve massively underestimated my body’s capabitlities and how the right tech can help me treasure these memories for life, I look forward to taking part in more.

Deni Kirkova

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