Rich table LDN X California Walnuts

Rich table LDN X California Walnuts

Last week I was invited down to a secret location in Old Street for an exclusive tasting of a walnut themed menu created by chefs, Evan and Sarah Rich from Michellin-starred restaurant, ‘Rich Table’.

Launching the first ever pop up restaurant of: Rich Table LDN.


California walnuts x rich table LDN

The dinner table set up at Rich Table LDN


A five-course menu with each dish having been cleverly created using California Walnuts as the prime ingredient.  Typical dishes such as Spaghetti Bolognese had been changed and adapted into a walnut themed dish.

I had no idea just how many varieties of meals, walnuts could create. Yet the different dishes all led with walnuts kept arriving…

California walnuts x Rich table LDN

The cauliflower walnut curry was my favourite

California walnuts x rich table LDN

Each dish was served with a different type of wine that would match the flavours of the dish. From chopping them into curries to flaking them on protein sources or blending them into milks and creams, I left feeling excited to add walnuts into my future meals.