Brushing the nail for manicure

SALON SPY: Where to get your manicure in London revealed

SALON SPY: Where to get your manicure in London revealed

A manicure in London is normally an expensive splurge, right? Surely your looking at around £40 MINIMUM. Well not any more, here’s your one-stop (umm…) blog for the best manicure in London.

From bringing your daughter, niece or cousin with you to  walking in and having the works for under £20.00! Here’s where to get your nails done in London…

Brushing the nail for manicure

Sorbet Salon

Sorbet is one of my favourite go-to salons. With nail salons dotted around North London it’s well worth the trip,
The beauticians are lovely, chatty and always offer their thoughts and recommendations on shape, style and colour. I headed into the Mill Hill salon with my younger cousin, Amber for a girly pampering treat.

As its mid summer and as everyone knows festival season – glitter and sparkles are all the rage. So, staying in tune with the trends I opted for a gold shellac colour to get into the feel of summer (combined with way too many rings of course!)

sorbet salon where to get your nails done in london by bikini girls diary
Now, another common issue with getting your nails done is that children often end up waiting around bored – or worse – paying adults prices! – Well, that’s definitely not a problem at Sorbet, in fact children are more than welcome with their Sorbabies treatments that are designed for girls 12 and under. Perfect for mums, sisters and cousins to get their nails done and relax knowing that you’re both going to enjoy the experience.

Amber had a playful pink colour painted on to her nails with the ‘Little Miss Mani’, (only £7.00).

I had my treatment in the salon in Mill Hill, there are options of ‘Quickie’ manicures or full manicures. You can find out more or book appointments here.



I LOVE Nail’d it, situated in a floral corner of Duck and Dry the mini nail bar boast a vast array of colours and patterns for all occasions. One of the most affordable and attractive salons I’ve been in – Nail’d it, starts from only £6.00 for a DIY treatment and goes up to (a still very cheap) £20.00 for their signature treatment. This involves a shape, cuticle treatment, a cut, buff, cream, polish and oil for only £20.00 – WOW!

I opted for my first EVER chrome colour, which involves having your nails layered with a top coat chrome colour after choosing the base colour – which for me was pink this time. The nails lasted two weeks before needing infilling and were definitely a keeper!

Chrome nails where to get your nails done in London

Vicky’s chrome nails holding our BGD Giveaway – Winner announced on instagram…


Sometimes theres just not enough time to get out and about in London to get your nails done – trust me, I know! So, here’s my swear by – in between the manicure step that will keep you feeling pampered, preened and definitely NOT CHIPPED – it’s just NOT a good look…Vitamin Booster beauty treatments for fitness clients

SOIGNE! I just love their products, the top coat dries almost instantly, meaning whichever base colour you choose will stay un-chipped with only one top layer applied. The nail oil lubricates the cuticles keeping them soft and moisturised with the added bonus that it’s scented AMAZINGLY!

They have a huge array of colours that can be purchased and nail treatments including a cuticle softener, nail serum and my personal favourite – the Matte topcoat.

miracle oil beauty treatments for fitness clients

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