School of Strut – The SEXIEST school in the World and here’s why…



To strut 

/strʌt/ – verb: to parade, prance, flounce or sashay
to proudly show off one’s best features or talents

Well, this is definitely how I would describe School of Strut. I attended the ‘strutology’ event launched by founder, and curvaceous goddess, Zoe Mcnulty, a body activist whose motto is that although we all want to be fitter, healthier, sexier and more confident. It doesn’t have to involve body shaming, hours in the gym or fad diets.

Unsure what to expect I head into the dance hall for the Strutology event and am immediately greeted by a swarm of happy, healthy and extremely confident ladies singing their hearts out and dancing their socks off to a loud, bubbly ‘oh-so’ sassy gentleman leading a parade of moves to extremely loud pop music. I was in heaven!

Two songs in and I’m waving my arms in the air and flicking my hair like I just don’t care – and that was only the warm up! Zoe is introduced as the ‘Headmistress’ of the School and rightly so. As she takes her well deserved place centre stage and stirs up the crowd, the women cheer and wolf whistle in anticipation and I find myself eager to see what is going to happen next.


First we start with a ‘SexyStreet’ class in which Zoe leads her prepared mix of flirty, cheeky and sassy  choreography with looks of flirtation and confidence that has me developing a slight girl crush! The whole class is delivered to popular chart songs remixed into one another without knowing which could be coming next. with loud music this class reminded me of my street dance teenage years and made me instantly want to rejoin.

Nobody seemed nervous or judged it was such a warm, friendly and overall extremely empowering atmosphere
The second part of the class was delivered as ‘Strutology’ in which all the women – and the odd man – put on some heels and prepared for a fun and jokey catwalk strut. The heels were optional although I didn’t miss the chance to stomp around in something other than my trainers, some other ladies chose to stay in their flats. We split into mini groups of four – five and strutted up the dance hall whilst the rest of the group wolf whistled, cheered and shouted things like, ‘give me more!!’. Nobody seemed nervous or judged it was such a warm, friendly and overall extremely empowering atmosphere. Really breaking away from the traditional cat walk stage in which the participants are judged and instead focusing on supporting body confidence and our peers.


The final part of the class and probably my favourite came in the style of ‘Raunch’. It does as the name suggests and is EXTREMELY too hot too handle. This routine was based on the floor and had a burlesque style to the class which involved hair flicks, sexy faces, leg kicks and a whole-lotta-rolling around on the ground – what a dream!

Overall I had the best time in ages at School of Strut and can’t wait for my next event.

If you want to see more about School of Strut or come to the next event you can book it through the site here or check the School of Strut Facebook page.

Class description:
Dance seems to have gotten very aggressive in recent years with many of the moves being quite masculine. Reclaim your feminitiy and sassiness as we strut on over to SexyStreet™.


To strut 
/strʌt/ – verb: to parade, prance, flounce or sashay
to proudly show off one’s best features or talents
Strutology® is the SASSIEST dance class in the STRUTosphere! Marilyn Monroe said “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” but Headmistress Zoe McNulty said “Teach her to strut and she’ll conquer the universe!” So grab your heels for this empowering dance class and feel like Dave and his Strutters from the Money Supermarket ads. Epic!
A word of warning: as Christian Louboutin says “If you can’t walk in them, then don’t wear them!” – err on the side of caution when choosing which heels to wear. This is one situation where it is not advised to aim high. Full coverage over the foot is better than strappy sandals. Boots are ideal. Avoid wedges and too much platform.

The uber sexy Raunch® pushes the boundaries of conventional dance classes and is designed specifically to help you release your inner diva! Having been described as Burlesque on steroids, you will get down and dirty with fabulous floor work, seductive smouldering and raunchy rhythms!

Deni Kirkova

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