Self-Isolation Lifestyle Tips

Self-Isolation Tips: How To Thrive in Quarantine

Don’t let self-isolation get you down. After all, 14 days alone can do wonders for someone’s mental state; a reboot, newfound quiet, self-inquiry and renovation. Enjoy what you can, and stay safe.

Getting Through Self-Isolation:

Have a Routine

Just because you’re in self-isolation or quarantine doesn’t mean you should let you routine slide – at all! In fact, sticking to a schedule can be one of the fundamental practices that keep you sane during these crazy, uncertain times.

So here’s what to do: don’t stay up all night and set an alarm if you have appointments in the morning, otherwise wake up naturally. Then, make a coffee and breakfast as you normally would. Make a timetable or set goals each day – including some for the kids! This will help define the days, plus encourage a sense of purpose and achievement.

Work from Home (if you can)

Depending on your profession and circumstances, try to convert your workload into something you can complete remotely from home. This will help you stick to a routine and social distancing rules while keeping money coming in while you’re in self-isolation. Check out this blog I wrote on working from home.

Everyone is loving Zoom parties with their friends (definitely try this!) and the software can be utilised for work as well. Zoom allows you to host virtual bootcamps if you’re a fitness instructor, online lessons if you’re a teacher, plus meetings with clients and so much more.

Practice Yoga & Meditation

Start the day with a gentle dynamic stretch practice – we recommend Shona Vertue on YouTube. Meditate for at least 10 minutes after that. If you need a lovely new yoga mat, try Yoga Design Lab, and check out BJ’s PJs for lovely cotton yoga clothes or MyProtein for wonderful leggings.

If your body requires it, do some more intense workouts too! You’ve got nothing but time. And if you’re having trouble sleeping at bedtime, try a body scan sleep meditation – we recommend Job Kabat Zinn, or you can find something on Spotify and set a timer. Such sleep meditations are super useful if you’re having a hard time switching off.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

If you’re struggling with loneliness and mental health issues during these difficult times, keep a diary or a gratitude journal. Maybe an all-in-one that you can jot all your thoughts and feeling in each day, as well as shopping lists, plans and schedules during self-isolation.

In terms of the gratitude journal element, a great way to do this is to write down three things you’re grateful for each morning and night. These can be anything, whether deep and meaningful or seemingly banal. If they make you happy, jot them down for a feel good start to the day and positive thoughts at bedtime.

Prepare Healthy Meals

Or cakes! Get busy in the kitchen. Try to make colourful plates high in fibre, and cook everything you can from scratch. That means avoid processed food, too much fat and sugar when preparing your main meals.

Of course, you’re going to want quarantine snacks – so stock up and enjoy them! But think about your health. Plus, you’ll have plenty of time to cook up all your meals, get some baking in, learn some new recipes, and get your live-in family involved. Cooking is therapeutic, and your mental health may need that extra TLC.

Tidy Up Your Home

Now you finally have the time to sort the chores you’ve been putting off. Whether that’s clearing out clutter, deep cleaning, sewing, purging things you no longer need, or simply tidying up.

Only in a 14-day quarantine can you find yourself wondering: ‘When was the last time I washed the windows?’ And mid-season is the ideal time for a spring clean. You’ll find it super satisfying and a freshen up will give your full-time sanctuary a thorough feng shui revamp.

Read Some Books

Reading in your garden or near a window is a great escape from watching news on the TV and working out to YouTube videos. Self-improvement and staying up-to-date is important while in quarantine, but so is letting your mind get lost in a book.

Do you have a pile of magazines or articles you’ve been meaning to read? Now’s the time. Not really into books? Watch a fantasy or drama you’ve been meaning to binge. Netflix and other video subscription services have excellent choices right now. We recommend Servant on Apple TV and Stacey Dooley documentaries on Stan!

Create Art!

Start drawing, painting and writing at home. Get creative with different kinds of paints – from watercolour to acrylic – plus mixed media, and get yourself some canvasses. You can pick up a small easel, pencils and other materials at your local art shop. Take joy from playing around with scrapbooking, photography, dancing, or whatever else you fancy.

For an interactive element with your family or household, create some group art. Alternatively, download TikTok and try out some challenges. Play all kinds of games, both online and offline. Mainly, stay in touch with family, friends and neighbours – especially those who live alone and need some company, or help with groceries. You’ve got this!

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