Serotonin Eatery: Plant Based Feel Good Food

Outside Serotonin Eatery at the beautiful mural wall

Serotonin Eatery is out to boost your mood, as the name might suggest. And they certainly do. Starting with whole food plant based nutrition – it’s what we believe in on this blog as well. The Melbourne restaurant is all veggie and pretty much everything is either vegan too or easily made vegan. I’m so glad we finally headed down to this baby- and vegan-friendly haven!

Beautiful Inside and Out

Serotonin is just so pretty; let’s begin there. The interior is tastefully science lab themed with complementary blooms and greenery, neon lettering signs, comfy Japanese booths and beautiful swing sets. Natural light floods the space through large windows and there’s plenty of outdoor seating too. With a stylised photo op in every corner, the layout is on one level and it’s roomier than you might imagine upon first entering.
The restaurant expands further back and right at the back is a super baby-friendly area complete with comfy chairs and subtle curtains you can pull back for a bit more privacy with comfy backrests, it’s more quiet, and babies can play with a box of toys. My 9 month old Zak loved his experience there! Smiling and laughing the whole time.
As you can see from the pictures, stunning presentation here is paramount, Serotonin Eatery chefs go all out to make sure the rainbow-coloured food looks sensational. It tastes just as good, and it’s equally as good for you too. A 360 degree, all angles considered uplifting experience,

A Menu To Rival All Vegan Brunch Menus

The spread was divine and even our baby Zak loved it! Absolutely divine food

When it came to the menu, we were delighted. Zak ate his pancakes and drank plenty of his choc banana smoothie. It was so cute. Meanwhile, Andrew and I went wild on the adults menu. We got a smoothie each – I chose the hemp plant protein while Andy the choc banana (like father like son) – and two large oat lattes made with Oatly milk – the best. From the food menu, we got pancakes to share and a savoury main each. Amazingly, we actually almost finished the lot because we came on empty stomachs and it was about 11.30 by the time we ate.
Service was fast and wonderful; our waitress was lovely. In fact, all the staff there are great: buzzing off the feel good vibes and plant based goodness. Andy and I ended up sharing everything in the end including a pickled carrot ‘salmon’ bagel and the best avocado toast we’d ever had. Honestly, this dish was absolutely loaded with toppings.

We seriously cannot recommend this place enough! Book your table at Serotonin Eatery here. Follow them on Instagram for more info and make sure you check our their events!

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Yes… the best avocado toast ever! Make sure you check out Serotonin

Deni Kirkova
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