My skin journey

This Is How Chemical Skin Peels Actually Work

This Is How Chemical Skin Peels Actually Work

Those who’ve read about my skin know it doesn’t usually like to play ball with me. I finally tried chemical skin peels. By Vicky Hadley.

Ever since I was 13, I’ve had acne. I remember at school girls telling me “You’d be pretty if you didn’t have spots!” It completely sucked the confidence out of me.

At age 18 I got so stressed at uni that I started to get psoriasis over my arms and eyelids. This was when I decided it was time to change my lifestyle, I started eating healthy and cutting out foods that seemed to spark inflammation in my body.

Dairy was the main cause of this – I dramatically reduced my acne on my cheeks (a sign of allergies) and when I cut out gluten my psoriasis also largely reduced. I carried on eating a healthier diet and exercising and became in love with reading nutrition, skin and exercise books. I loved learning about holistic natural ways to cure my body.

My skin journey

My skin journey: Vicky’s skin now

Where I Am Now

Flash forward to now and my passion and interest became my career. I still have little breakouts but no where near the intensity I used to have. It’s more hormonal for me and I know I just have acne-prone skin. For a long time I forbade myself to have alcohol, sweets any type of sugar in fear of breaking out or getting psoriasis again. But you can’t live life in fear of rashes! I found a healthy balance I still spend probably 80% of my diet eating well and 20% having fun socialising with friends. I do drink alcohol and I do totally have sweets if I want them.

Chemical Skin Peels

my skin journey

My skin care is so much better too I always cleanse my make up off before bed and I now know only to do good quality facials, I don’t put oil on my skin as It really makes me break out. I recently had 3 chemical skin peels with Skin Perfection London which are based with salicylic acid and are incredible at preventing break outs. They peeled away the top layer of my skin which also helped reduce acne scars and left my skin looking much calmer. I hope this helps anyone who has skin problems because I know at the time it SUCKS so much but it can be beaten and you’re not alone. We all have break outs!

The ladies at Skin Perfection in Oxford Circus, London have been kind enough to give you 10% off their treatments if you just quote VICKY when booking.

Contact them here.

* The facials were complimentary but my review is organic.

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