Stay Home: DIY Kombucha and Colouring Books

Stay Home: DIY Kombucha and Colouring Books

Coronavirus may be slowing down but we still have to stay home if we can – and that means one thing: activities! From cooking to getting creative with colouring books and art and even brewing your own kombucha, now’s the perfect time to explore crafts you never have time for.

Give these activities a go and get creative while learning new skills and having fun!

Homemade Kombucha

Mad Millie Kombucha Kit, $46.95.

Let’s face it, the cost of kombucha can add up. So make the most of stay home rules and brew unlimited amounts of your own using this handy kit. It features a jar, muslin cloth and live culture (SCOBY: symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), which turns your tea into gut-friendly, fizzy kombucha. Each naturally cultured, fermented drink offers probiotics – and best of all can be brewed as part of a continuous cycle.

You can purchase the glass bottles needed separately on Biome.

Adult Colouring Craft Books

You’re never too old for some book-based art, as exemplified by the rising popularity of adult colouring activities. It’s the perfect pastime while isolating. Some of our favourite adult art books include…

Butterflies Press Out And Colour, $19.99.

This beautiful book features press-out butterflies intricately decorated with foil. Featuring ten beautiful species, each with a contrasting pattern on the undersides of their wings, the pieces easily slot together forming pretty hanging ornaments.

EtchArt: Hidden Forest, $19.99.

Uncover a magical world while etching away scrunchable ink with this Hidden Forest book. The calming activity book lets you reveal folk art animals and nature scenes using a wooden stylus, which comes included.

You Can’t Possibly Color This! $13.99

You Can’t Possibly Color This! is full of optical illusions and fantastical graphics. Featuring dot-to-dots and abstract illustrations, this book offers a fun trip into a kaleidoscopic, psychedelic world.

Vegan Wax Candle

Dindi Botanical Wax Candle, $15.95.

You’ll be spending lots of time indoors so invest in one of these as a fantastic bonus pick from Biome. Forget paraffin and other toxins, as this Dindi Botanical Wax Candle is all-natural and palm-oil free. Made entirely from coconut, hemp, rice and bran oil, the 8.5cm tall candle is free from added scents, soy and beeswax.

Making it deal for eco-conscious vegans, the cruelty-free candle features a 100% hemp wick and is made right here in Australia. Light it during early morning yoga while the sun is rising, or as it’s setting in the evening.

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