STRONG by Zumba: Fitness class review

STRONG by Zumba: Fitness class review

STRONG by Zumba… If Michelle Lewin loves it, we’re into it.

Vicky and myself attended the amazing UK launch. It has been under strict embargo and we have been dying to share it with you!

The Bikini Girls with STRONG by Zumba star trainer Natalie Constanti

Vicky and Deni with STRONG by Zumba star trainer Natalie Constanti

We were joined by fitness stars, Team GB athlete Perri Shakes-Drayton and Made in Chelsea PT Ryan Libbey at BLOK London to experience the HIIT-style programme first.

Arriving at BLOK, we slipped on the branded kit, had a coffee and checked out the stunning boxing studio before getting down to it for our first round of STRONG by Zumba.

Later, we headed to a lush vegan spot for lunch, chatted to Perri and Ryan about all things fitness, before heading back for another workout, then a well-earned massage!

Ryan, the Bikini Girls and the rest of the class following a Strong by Zumba routine

Ryan, ambassador of Strong by Zumba partaking in the class

With a unique┬árelationship between the music and the moves, here’s all we learned and loved about the new fitness concept.

Zumba has a reputation for being ‘exercise in disguise’ as it feels like a Saturday night boogie down a Latin club, and now they’ve ramped it up with STRONG by Zumba incorporating combat and hardcore workout moves.

The one-hour workout focusses on training to the tempo … in a HIGHLY scientific way (it works, trust us!).

Science has shown that moving in sync with music allows you to workout better: it feels like dancing! You’re distracted from pain and fatigue because you’re actually having fun. So you keep going for longer and work harder.

ryan libbey made in chelsea star strong by zumba by bikini girls diary

Ryan, the girls and the rest of the class following a Strong by Zumba routine

STRONG by Zumba reverse-engineered the process with the help of Timbaland, who produced the launch track. The workout came first, then the tunes were specifically crafted to match every move, applying the science of synced music motivation. This is a groundbreaking first in the fitness industry.

So makers of the new workout say you’ll surely get through more burpees, squats and lunges in each class. We certainly felt energised throughout the intense one-hour session.

Zumba, Perri, Ryan and ourselves are so happy to finally share this edgy new cardio and bodyweight training programme with our followers and fans!

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