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8 of the Best Summer Beauty Essentials

8 of the Best Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer is right around the corner and we are definitely looking forward to sun, sea and sand. However, we’re also faced with some of summers biggest problems: knotted hair, melting make-up, tan/burn lines and unwanted hair in unwanted places… Vicky is here to help.

For your locks Dove: Shampoo and conditioner

dove shampoo best beauty products for summer by bikini girls diary dove conditioner dove shampoo best beauty products for summer by bikini girls diary

Lets face it the main concern of summer is the fact that as soon as we so much as look at the sea, our hair becomes a knotted, scraggly version of seaweed attached to our heads, definitely not ideal – especially if you’re after a summer romance.

Our hero product for hair care comes from Dove’s advanced hair series: Oxygen & Moisture Conditioner. The conditioner gently moisturises fine, flat hair whilst keeping volume within it for the beachy look.

Bikini Girls also LOVE the Nutritive Solutions: Shampoo as it has nutri-keatin actives to deeply nourish and repair even the most damaged hair. So, be sure to keep these packed away safely in your suitcase.

Available from Dove for £2.69

Roots: Instant root concealer powder by Charles worthington

get rid of roots dove conditioner dove shampoo best beauty products for summer by bikini girls diary

The sunkissed look might be gorgeous on the skin but it’s definitely not a win-win situation when your roots are a totally different colour to the rest of your hair. Combat this issue with hair-care saviour as root fix: Instant Root Concealer Powder from Charles Worthington.

Extremely simple to use, you brush it over your roots just once and you’re good to go – seriously it’s that easy and no one will have a clue that your roots are visible.

Available from Boots for £9.99

For your skin: Cleanser J&J hyaluronic acid

skin healthy best beauty products for summer by bikini girls diary

No one wants make-up melting down there face. Plus greasy looking skin that is constantly being hidden by make-up isn’t exactly the summer glow we are after. Well, thanks to Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost range you won’t even need to look at your make-up kit all summer.

The Hydro Boost cleanser boosts skins hydration and leaves the skin feeling refreshed, clean and healthy. The added hyaluronic acid  enables the products to boost the skin hydration as well as locking it in helping to keep your skin clear and glowing this summer.

Available for £7.99

Sun protection: Dr Rita Rakus Protect Moisturiser SPF50

sun protection Dr Rita Rakus Protect Moisturiser SPF50

Skin health is one of the most important things at Summer time. Having a strong sun protection cream will help prevent wrinkles and sun damage. Dr Rita Rakus: Protect Moisturiser is packed with  antioxidants. It encourages cell growth and regeneration helping to firm the skin as well as reducing the appearance of wrinkles caused by the sun on the skin’s surface.

Dr Rakus Protect Moisturiser provides all day hydration for your skin with a summery, fresh scent and subtle hint of mineral make-up it not only helps reverse environmental ageing, protects skin from further sun damage and hydrates skin , it enhances your natural glowing complexion. 

Available for £42.00 at the Dr Rakus Knightsbridge Clinic


Enhance your tan: Piz Buin

summer skin protection best products by bikini girls diary

Boost your tan this summer with Piz Buin tan and protect tan accelerating oil spray. Bikini Girls LOVE Piz Buin as it helps to enhance your natural tanning and prevent burning. With instant absorption and a non-greasy texture it is a win-win for any beach holiday. If you’re more of an active holiday goer you needn’t worry as it is sweat and water resistant so you can felt confident indulging in sports on the beach or in the water without worrying about burning.

Available for £8.99 from Superdrug.

Hair Removal: SmoothSkin Bare
summer skin SmoothSkin Nude.2
Nothing is more annoying than hair where you just don’t want it! So, thankfully we have found the ULTIMATE must-have hair removal product. SmoothSkin Bare is a brand new IPL machine that can remove ALL of the hair on your body in just ten minutes. It has a flash that works every 0.6 seconds meaning you can keep moving up the body without missing an area or waiting for the flash.

I tried it on the legs area for two weeks. I managed to do both legs within five minutes and the pain is so minimum. After four sessions you will notice big results and after around 12 weeks it should be completely gone (dependent on hair/skin type). Bikini Girls LOVE this product as you can even do it over fake-tan and the products costs less than ONE laser hair removal treatment at a salon (wow!)

PLUS: Smoothskin Bare is an extremely attractive product and can sit and blend in perfectly with your perfumes…

Available from Current Body for £179.00

Whiten your smile: Diamond Whites - Black edition

black toothpaste teeth whitening best summer beauty products by bikini girls

Pair your golden glow with gleaming white teeth and you won’t need any other accessory. Bikini Girls have been trialling some of the best teeth whitening products on the market for summer and our favourite is definitely Diamond Whites – Black Edition tooth polish.

Made from activated charcoal you simply wet your toothbrush and dab it on the top of the charcoal then brush your teeth as normal. I noticed whiter results within three days; the best bit is it’s completely 100% natural ingredients so no damage to your teeth will occur.

Our only warning is be careful how hard you spit – the black toothpaste can go EVERYWHERE!

Available for £16.99 from Diamond Whites

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