drinking cold brew coffee Califia Farms best drinks for summer

Summer Thirst: Three of the tastiest, healthiest and most refreshing summer drinks

Summer Thirst: Three of the tastiest, healthiest and most refreshing summer drinks

drinking cold brew coffee Califia Farms best drinks for summer

As the summer season is finally starting to arrive, Bikini Girls’ Vicky has been hunting for the best, refreshing and delicious drinks this summer that don’t involve artificial sweetener or booze, because let’s face it, we already have enough of those at summer time! Here’s what she discovered:


Naked Pressed

Naked Pressed Cold Juice Range best drinks for sumer

Naked Pressed is a brand new juice that will not only brighten up your mood thanks to their bold colours but taste incredible too. Naked’s original juices have been a best-seller amongst many since their launch and we can definitely say we think their new Naked Pressed range looks set to do just as well.

Available in three delicious variants – Bright Greens, Lively Carrot and Bold Beet.

Bright Greens holds a refreshing mix of seven juices, including apple, cucumber, spinach and wheatgrass, masterfully blended to be slightly sweet and invigorating. This illuminating blend will be sure to brighten up your day.

Lively Carrot, a five juice blend, includes carrot, cucumber, orange, lemon and apple, combined with vanilla bean and turmeric for a sweet and spicy flavour.

Bold Beet is a blend of five juices as vivid in colour as it is in flavour, this masterfully blended bundle of beetroot, cucumbers, carrots and apple boldy goes where no juice has gone before, with a hint of ginger too.

My favourite flavour has to be the lively carrot, it’s so refreshing and definitely helps curb the sweet tooth without taking you off track for your summer body.

Buy them here.

Robinsons: REFRESH'D

Robinsons Refresh'd best healthy drinks this summer by bikini girls diary

I’m a huge fan on Robinsons, I’m not joking I probably drink a large squash within a couple of days. I’m not much of a fizzy drinks fan but the fruity squash makes a fab alternative to water – which let’s face it does get a little repetitive. However, Robinsons have just launched a brand new drink named REFRESH’D which is sweetened with stevia instead of sucralose instantly making it a must have for all of us health lovers. The other huge plus point is that fact – it only has 2 grams of carbohydrates in 100grams and 55 calories in a whole 500ml bottle, so is perfect for any macro or calorie counted diet.

REFRESH’D is available in Apple and Kiwi, Apple and Raspberry and Orange and Lime, which contain only naturally occurring sugars.

My favourite flavour is the Apple and Kiwi, a very refreshing and unique flavour that tastes amazing.

Buy it from most supermarkets.

Cold Brew Coffee: Califia Farms

Icold brew coffee Califia Farms‘m a coffee addict. I absolutely love it – the taste, texture and the great pick me up it offers to get you to start the day. ‘Soya cappuccino, large, no sugar’ is my typical go-to. However, when I picked up the cold brew coffee from Califia Farms I quickly changed my mind about cappuccinos being my favourite! They have just launched their plant-powered beverages into the UK from the US. Califia Farms are dedicated to making mindful nourishment easy with a range of delicious, sustainably sourced and ‘good-for-the-world’ cold brew coffees and dairy-free nut milks.

cold brew coffee Califia Farms best drinks for summerI tried the Cold Brew Coffee mixed with the Barista Blend Almond Milk and served it on top of ice and it was honestly incredible. As I got more adventurous with my coffee creations I chose to blend it all together with a couple of mini sachets of stevia to sweeten the taste – wow! Now this is a must-try! Plus it’s almost calorie free… Whats not to love?

Buy it here



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